LOS ANGELES - FEBRUARY 9: Maureen McCormick as Marcia Brady in the BRADY BUNCH episode, "The subject Was Noses." original air date, February 9, 1973. (Photo through CBS via Getty Images)

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In a leave from the timeless family structure stood for on other TV shows, abc debuted a new television series in 1969 around a mixed family called The Brady Bunch. Cast in the function as the earliest daughter, Marcia Brady, to be a then-13 year old American actress called Maureen McCormick. McCormick play the function of the perky and popular teen until the collection ended in 1974, however she never ever quite left Marcia Brady behind. Return she may have actually played a healthy goodie-goodie on TV, McCormick’s life has actually been a far cry from the carefree character she portrayed. Here are eight truth you never ever knew about Maureen McCormick.


McCormick to be a child Beauty Pageant Winner

Maureen McCormick was born in Encino, California, the only daughter and also the youngest that four youngsters born come Irene and William McCormick. Once she was just six year old, McCormick’s mother entered her in the Baby miss San Fernando valley pageant. The blonde beauty winner to the title. 


Yes, Marcia yes, really Did day Greg

Maureen McCormick and her co-star, Barry Williams, who played the step-brother, Greg, to McCormick’s Marcia, to be teens as soon as The Brady Bunch to be filming. The two began a flirting friendship. As soon as The Brady Bunch cast and crew traveled to Hawaii to film a one-of-a-kind episode, things obtained steamy in paradise. In McCormick’s memoir book, this is the Story: enduring Marcia Brady and Finding mine True Voice, she recalled the she and also Williams mutual their first kiss in Hawaii. As she to be kissing him, McCormick said that it immediately popped into her mind, “Oh mine God! ns kissing my brother. What am ns doing?” that didn’t avoid her from sleeping with Williams, and the two dated on and also off. 


McCormick could Have been in an Indiana Jones Movie, however She was On Cocaine in ~ the Audition

Maureen McCormick dealt with drug seeks for plenty of years adhering to the cancellation of The Brady Bunch. In 1981, she landed an audition v Steven Spielberg for a role in his film. The Raiders of the lost Ark. The component could have helped restart her lagging exhilaration career. Unfortunately, McCormick showed up come the audition strung out on cocaine. She had not slept in three days. The component McCormick was auditioning for at some point went to Karen Allen and McCormick’s reputation together a expert took a severe hit. 


McCormick Swapped Sex because that Drugs

The Brady Bunch finished with McCormick was simply 18 year old. The cancellation of she popular show caused a void in McCormick’s life the she filled through drugs and also alcohol. She quickly came to be addicted to cocaine and also Quaaludes. McCormick later confessed that, when money to be tight, she would have actually sex v drug certified dealer in exchange for drugs. She even cases that she had actually two abortions when she remained in her early on twenties. 


Maureen McCormick make the efforts Singing

As Marcia Brady, McCormick did her share of singing on TV. She, together with the remainder of the Brady Bunch kids, released four albums and also went on tourism in the at an early stage seventies. In 1972, however, McCormick taped her an initial solo singles, a song dubbed “Teeny Weeny little bit Too Much” and also “Truckin’ earlier to You”. The following year, she joined Christopher Knight, her Brady Bunch co-star that played Marcia Brady’s step-brother, Peter, on an album referred to as “Chris Knight and also Maureen McCormick”. This album contained duets between the two, and solos of both the them. Her performed she single, “Little Bird” on TV’s American Bandstand led host dick Clark come tell her she should follow she musical dreams. 

McCormick to be the Voice that Chatty Cathy

When she to be just starting out in the business, Maureen McCormick landing some duties in tv commercials. Among the first was in 1964, as soon as the climate 8-year old appeared in Mattel spots for Chatty Cathy dolls. Later, in 1970, as soon as Mattel redesigned the Chatty Cathy doll, lock looked come McCormick, one of their much more popular alums, to provide the voice because that the talkative doll. Many thanks to the popularity of The Brady Bunch, McCormick’s celebrity aided spur sales of the doll. 

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McCormick lives in fear of Contracting Syphilis

According to she biography, Maureen McCormick to be justifiably fearful of obtaining syphilis. Her grandfather contracted syphilis indigenous prostitutes as soon as he to be fighting in Europe during world War I. He lugged the an illness back come his wife, McCormick’s grandmother, that eventually passed away from syphilis if in a psychological hospital. McCormick’s mom was infected in the womb. And also McCormick was so fearful that she, too, would gain the deadly STD that, when she required to cry ~ above scene, she thought around catching syphilis. 

Maureen McCormick’s Husband had Never seen The Brady Bunch

By the 1980s, McCormick was trying to acquire her life back in order, though she still had actually bouts that depression and paranoia. She met Michael Cummings in ~ church and also the two fell in love. Cummings confessed come McCormick that, back he had heard around The Brady Bunch before, he had actually never watched a solitary episode. McCormick to be thrilled; it enabled them to begin a connection without any type of pre-conceived Marcia Brady associations. The couple married on march 16, 1985, and also has one child, Natalie, who was born in 1989.