When Wet hot American Summer ended up being a cult struggle (definitely not a crate office or an important hit, that’s because that sure) back in 2001, comedy fans flocked to it due to the fact that of the joining of the men from The State or popular actors like Paul Rudd or Janeane Garofalo. No one knew at the time that WHAS featured two future superstars: Elizabeth Banks and also Bradley Cooper. Since Wet Hot came and also went, both the those gibbs have end up being genuine Hollywood movie stars, way bigger than anyone rather in the crazy camp comedy’s cast. Banks and also Cooper reverted for 2015’s Netflix original Wet hot American Summer: an initial Day that Camp, and Banks has actually been front and also center in the promotion for the brand-new season, Wet warm American Summer: 10 year Later.

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But what about Bradley Cooper? walk the three-time Academy compensation nominee clear the end time in his schedule to go back to Camp Firewood because that a reunion? ~ all, it was Cooper’s character Ben that argued the gang all reunite ten years later in the very first place!

So, did Bradley Cooper make it his beeswax to be in Ten year Later? The price is… no. Bradley Cooper did no make it his beeswax to it is in in Wet warm American Summer: Ten years Later. Bradley Cooper’s a busy, movie-making guy! He’s directing and starring in 2018’s A Star Is Born!

But rather of writing Ben out and also leaving Michael Ian Black’s McKinley single and ready to mingle, the brain behind the WHAS franchise come up v a solution. Enter: Adam Scott. The Parks and Recreation alum bring away over for Cooper, through a nose job (Ben had actually a deviated septum!) provided as an excuse because that the character’s adjust in appearance. Ben (played by Scott) concerns that no one will identify him post-surgery, yet he’s entirely wrong. Everyone establish him instantly and also Susie (Amy Poehler) also comments the he looks better than before.


WHAS co-creator David Wain called EW the Cooper believed the recasting to be funny and said the movie star might still return for future WHAS seasons. When it’s a bummer the Cooper wasn’t available to reprise his role, over there is a major upside to the recasting: a PARKS and also REC REUNION! Adam Scott and Amy Poehler (a.k.a. Ben Wyatt and also Leslie Knope) re-publishing the screen once again in a minute that’s certainly going come play on lot of levels because that fans of Parks and Wet Hot.

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And if you’re wondering exactly how this recasting affects the glimpse that 1991 that us saw earlier in the original movie, you’ll be surprised to learn that–for some reason–Bradley Cooper wasn’t in that scene, either!

There’s no means they knew at the moment that Cooper would be recast 16 years later on with Party that Five’s Adam Scott–or perhaps they did? strange things happen in the world of Wet Hot.