A source tells Us Weekly Shayk to know Cooper and also Gaga space "artists" and were "in character" as soon as they sang together at the Academy Awards.

After Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga"s offered a steamy performance of "Shallow" in ~ the Oscars top top Sunday, fans were seemingly desperate to think sparks were flying in actual life in between the A Star Is Born leads. However, Cooper"s girlfriend Irina Shyak, that watched the set from the prior row, wasn"t bothered through the co-stars" chemistry.

"Irina knows the Bradley and also Gaga are artists," a resource told Us Weekly. "It’s a nonissue because that her. They to be in character putting on an Oscar performance."


In fact, Shayk appeared proud of her man"s performance through Gaga. She was noticeably one of the very first audience members to increase to offer the duo a standing ovation after ~ the power was over.

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ladygaga and Bradley Cooper after your “Shallow” #Oscars performance. Irina Shayk was first up out of she seat. Before Bradley walked as much as perform, Jennifer Lopez patted the on back to encourage him. Super sweet pic.twitter.com/eF69IOYToY

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She likewise continued to display love come the singer after ~ she embraced the Oscar for best Original Song. As soon as Gaga returned to her seat next to Irina and also Bradley, Shayk offered her in ~ hug.


The two were additionally seen gift friendly in ~ the start of the ceremony. Gaga to be spotted greeting Shayk with a kiss ~ above the cheek before the awards display began.


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While the net may proceed to speculate around Shayk"s true feelings around Cooper and also Gaga, it"s likely the design will never open up around the subject, provided how tight-lipped she is about her personal life.


"Because my job-related requires me come be out there, ns just chose my personal life will certainly be quiet, she newly told Glamour UK. "That’s why it’s referred to as personal, due to the fact that it’s something for you and also your family, and also I feeling happy v it."

Shayk and also Cooper first kicked off date rumors in 2015 and welcomed a daughter, Lea de Seine, in 2017. Gaga recently break-up from she talent agent fiancé, Christian Carino, who she began dating in at an early stage 2017.

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