His one and also only! Bradley Cooper has been madly in love with his daughter, Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper, due to the fact that he welcomed her right into his life v his ex-girlfriend, Irina Shayk, in 2017. Although the previous pair isn’t together anymore, they’ve done everything they have the right to to be great coparents to Lea.

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“They both desire to save it civil for sake,” Us Weekly report in June 2019. “They’ll coordinate to make certain their daughter is always with one parent. As soon as Lea has necessary events in she life, both Bradley and also Irina will certainly be there.”


Bradley and Irina damaged up after four years of dating in June 2019. Although lock agreed ~ above “joint custody” of their daughter, lock tried come “avoid each various other at every costs,” a source told In Touch Weekly in November 2019.

Fortunately, things have gained a tiny easier because that Bradley and also Irina as time has passed, even amid speculation that the model has actually been date rapper Kanye West. “There have actually been no arguments about Lea’s schedule,” an insider told Us Weekly in February 2021. “Bradley usually is busier and has back-to-back films lined up, yet he provides sure that spends a lot of time through Lea.”


Since your separation, Bradley and Irina have actually shared “a well balanced schedule v their daughter,” the source noted. In august 2019, the Mule actor took Lea come Disneyland without his ex. The model likewise made her first red carpet appearance with her dad in October 2019 at the Kennedy facility in Washington, D.C.

However, the exes had actually to slow-moving down on their outings when the coronavirus pandemic struggle Los Angeles at an early stage last year. “I’m v my daughter and also my mother and also my 2 dogs, and also we have actually not left the house,” the A Star Is Born gibbs told People in September 2020. “My mother is walking to be 80 and also she has actually a colostomy bag, so i can’t let anybody in the house. And I can’t leave the house, because if she it s okay it, it’s over.”


But just because Bradley and Lea to be cooped up at home, the doesn’t mean there was a shortage that fun. “We get up, we carry out swim class in the bathtub,” that said around homeschooling. Still, act it all on his very own made the gibbs feel favor he was running “a one-man preschool.”

Despite the daily challenges, Bradley revealed the one thing he desires Lea to take far from his parenting. “I just constantly want she to feeling loved … it is the thing I want my daughter come have,” he stated on NPR’s “Morning Edition” in September 2018, including that he’s also learned a couple of things native Lea too.

“I guess having actually a child, and having a family of my very own — i beg your pardon is a miracle and something I’ve always dreamt that — has actually opened me up even more, i guess, to the day, and to it is in present,” that gushed.

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Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper

Bradley’s tiny one was born on march 21, 2017. Due to the fact that her arrival, Lea has actually made fairly an impact on her famous father. Despite the Hangover gibbs is private in terms of his life in ~ home, the revealed his daughter’s blonde hair and also blue eye remind the of his late dad, Charles J. Cooper.

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“Our daughter, she’s incredible. And I view my father in her quite often,” that shared during a TV appearance in 2019, follow to People. “I can’t think I’m gonna admit this, but I had actually moments as soon as … I remained in the room v , I would certainly say, ‘Dad?’ There are some moments where she looks as with my father.”

In enhancement to elevating his little girl, Bradley has had actually to adjust his life as a solitary dad and also coparent. Though the actor and also the gorgeous design keep a chop lip around the standing of your relationship, Irina opened up around coparenting during a rare interview v Elle in march 2021.

“I never understood the ax coparenting,” she claimed to the outlet. “When I’m with my daughter, ns 100 percent a mother, and also when she’s through her dad, he’s 100 percent her dad. Coparenting is parenting.” The Sports Illustrated design even credited the Hollywood hunk for being “the many amazing dad.”