Rules and Regulations1. Each college student is responsible come wear aRED, BLACK, WHITE or GREY T-SHIRT and GYM SHORTS. Shirts should be CREW NECK (NO V-NECKS OR SCOOP NECKS) and must be clearly labeled in the front center of the shirt, close to the collar, with the student"s very first and critical name. Shorts have to be elastic waist, no zippers or buttons if possible, and plainly labeled ~ above the bottom best legwith the student’s very first and last name. Students have to follow the institution dress password at every times throughout P.E. (NO rolling SHORTS OR tying SHIRTS). A complete adjust of school garments is required and also students must adjust into theirOWN P.E. Clothes. Tennis/athletic pair of shoes (with backs) space to it is in worn and also must be laced and tied.2. Each student is responsible for your belongings. Gym garments should it is in labeled through your name and also kept in her assigned locker (CLOTHES need to BE TAKEN home WEEKLY TO get WASHED!!!).3. Every student will be authorize a lock and also locker complimentary of charge, the lock need to never be taken out of the locker room. Books are no to be left in the gym lockers after ~ P.E. Class.4. PROPER CONDUCT and also SAFETY room A MUST,during P.E. Class and in the locker room.5. STUDENTS room ONLY enabled IN THE LOCKER ROOM throughout THEIR PE PERIOD. friend are allowed to put your P.E. Clothing in her locker prior to school on the very first day that the week.6. CELL PHONES and ALL OTHER gadgets MUST BE powered OFF and PUT AWAY prior to ENTERING IN THE LOCKER ROOM, HEADPHONES must BE put AWAY together WELL.7. Students have to be in the locker room door when the late bell is excellent ringing or they will certainly be considered late.8. All injuries obtained in physical education class should be report to a teacher at once, carry out not wait until the end of the period.9. In instance of disease or injury, bring a note from a parent or guardian to excuse the student from P.E. Students will be asked come dress the end if they carry out not have a note.10. UnderNOcircumstances room students allowed to touch equipment without permission from a P.E. Teacher. Students should automatically sit in formation lines when showing up at your P.E. Location.Dressing-Out PolicyStudents who execute not dress-out will shed 5 clues from your dress-out grade and also will be given an assignment come complete. One incomplete assignment will an outcome in second 5 point out deducted off their participation grade.Students are compelled to carry pencil and file to squad lines if they perform not dress-out. NO ELECTRONIC tools ARE come BE lugged OUT to P.E. CLASS.Grading SystemGrades because that each quarter’s work will be based on the Physical education curriculum. Grades will be identified by a mix of dressing-out, participation, an abilities tests and also SIP (School advancement Plan) assignments.At the beginning of each quarter students will certainly be given 100 points for dressing out and 100 points for participation. Student will lose points because that the complying with infractions:1. No dressing out in proper labeled gym clothes and shoes (-5 clues or -10 points because that incomplete writing assignment)2. Late to roll speak to or no seated in squad heat (-2 points) 3. Non-participation (-1 come -5 points) ​4. Not adhering to directions (-1 come -5 points)

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