Georgia Secretary the State Brad Raffensperger to write in a new book that previous President Donald Trump to be a “bully” who supplied “threats” to shot to overturn a legit election.

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Georgia Secretary the State Brad Raffensperger has forever bound his heritage to previous President Donald Trump, creating in a new book out next month that the currently infamous speak to from Trump come “find 11,780 votes” to overturn the 2020 election was a “threat” native a “bully” that “was nothing but an effort at manipulation.”

“For the office the the secretary of state to ‘recalculate’ would typical we would certainly somehow have to fudge the numbers,” Raffensperger writes in his yet-to-be-released publication that The everyday Beast obtained before its publication. “The chairman was questioning me to carry out something that i knew to be wrong, and also I was no going to carry out that.”

It’s the sharpest rebuke yet from a mild-mannered Republican state main who has actually now repetitively pushed earlier on Trump’s unrelenting, 11-month campaign to cast doubt on his bitter election loss in Georgia and tarnish Raffensperger’s reputation.

The book not just sheds brand-new details ~ above what to be going v the secretary the state’s head throughout the call, it likewise makes that clear that Raffensperger thought the call was peppered with risks from “a president who felt the bullying the secretary that state of Georgia to be his only means to adjust the outcome.” and while the president’s allies have defended Trump’s speak to as perfectly legal and also unthreatening, Raffensperger states in his publication that he understood Trump’s words as a command.

“Now he was straight attacking the election itself. That was asking me, as Georgia’s secretary that state, to ‘find 11,780 votes’—enough because that him to insurance claim a success in our state,” Raffensperger writes.

His mindset is pivotal, together lawyers have currently hypothesized the Raffensperger might one day be dubbed as a witness in a potential criminal trial against Trump because that his tumultuous attempts to affect a publicly official.

Anyone that “solicits, requests, commands” or otherwise directs who to commit choice fraud can be charged through a state felony, follow to Georgia’s criminal code. Meanwhile, threats and also interference are vital elements to number of federal criminal charges pertained to election meddling.

As Raffensperger recounts in his book, the unlikely battle between a conservative state vote official and Trump started late last year.

From the minute Georgia poll employees tallied mail-in votes to put Biden in the lead, Trump has excoriated Georgia vote officials whom he blamed because that standing by choice results: governor Brian Kemp and also the secretary of state, Raffensperger. Trump’s campaign against these 2 Republicans got to a heat pitch during a Thanksgiving 2020 push conference when the president called Raffensperger “an enemy of the people,” sparking a barrage of death threats ~ above Raffensperger’s family—including a house break-in.

Until now, Raffensperger has mostly maintained a scheduled demeanor, leave the job of a vigorous defense come his sharp-tongued chief operation officer, Gabriel Sterling. But in his book, Integrity Counts—set for release on Nov. 2—Raffensperger explains what brought about the notorious Jan. 2 call.

It to be a Saturday morning and also Trump was, unsurprisingly, watching Fox News when he witnessed Raffensperger mentioning Georgia’s elections process and Biden’s win at the polls.

“We go an audit that the race,” Raffensperger claimed on Cavuto Live. “President Trump still lost. Then we did a full recount. President Trump tho lost.”


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That declaration appears to have captured the president’s attention. The publication recalls how Trump automatically sought to speak with Raffensperger and had his chef of staff, mark Meadows, reach out to Raffensperger’s deputy, Jordan Fuchs.

Fuchs alerted Raffensperger as he drove earlier from the far TV studio in northeast Atlanta that the president want to speak with him. He take it the contact from the president that afternoon at his kitchen counter. On one finish of the speak to was the secretary of state, his deputy, and also the department’s peak lawyer. On the various other was the president, his chef of staff, and also several the his lawyers.

In a thing titled, “The Call,” Raffensperger lays the end a transcript the the conversation, sprinkling in his thoughts throughout the conversation. For example, once Trump said Raffensperger’s assertions that the vote were legitimate were “very dangerous,” the state official took it as intimidation.

“I felt then—and still believe today—that this to be a threat,” he recalls.

He additionally makes that clear exactly how he taken it when Trump warned the state official and also the agency’s lawyer, Ryan Germany, the standing firm v the election results was “a huge risk to you” and also “a criminal offense.”

“Now chairman Trump is using what that believes is the strength of his place to threaten Ryan and also me with prosecution if we don’t execute what the tells us to do. It to be nothing but an attempt at manipulation,” Raffensperger writes.

When Trump claimed conspiracists “are going approximately playing you and laughing at you behind her back, Brad,” the state official saw ideal through it.

“President trump card is now transforming to ridicule, maybe thinking a shot at my ego will persuade me to do something that ns knew no right and also had no power to do,” the writes.

Raffensperger likewise describes why, after ~ Trump’s long-winded, conspiracy-laden diatribe, his very an initial response was to say, “We don’t agree that you have won.” he was currently thinking around how this would all play the end in court.

“I essential to say, native the outset, that ns disagreed with him. I can not offer his lawyer the possibility in a deposition or in court come say to me, ‘You never disputed what that said.’ I had to be an extremely clear and specific that the facts did not support his statements,” he writes.

The book likewise claims the Trump lawyer Cleta Mitchell, a star in the conservative legal neighborhood who was also on the call, “was asking for certain personal information top top voters.”

Raffesnberger provides it clear the his office rebuffed those advances as well. It seems Raffensperger was already well mindful of just how Team Trump had actually been utilizing its strength to disclose the name of low-ranking vote workers across the country and also unfairly accusing lock of illegal behavior, sparking threats against them as well.

Representatives because that the previous president did not immediately return a request for comment. However, Trump published an open up letter to Raffensperger simply two main ago, demanding that his office “start the process of decertifying the Election… and also announce the true winner.” The letter likewise rips into Raffensperger, accusing him of doing a significant disservice come the an excellent State that Georgia, and also to ours Nation.”

At the moment, the Fulton County ar Attorney is proceeding v a criminal investigation right into the call. Last month, The daily Beast revealed that neighborhood investigators have currently interviewed the secretary that state and also his staff.

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District attorney Fani Willis formerly revealed to The day-to-day Beast that she has spun up a brand-new anti-corruption team to discover what state laws, if any, to be broken. And sources say prosecutors room eyeing ‘false statement’ charges versus Rudy Giuliani and also others on Team Trump who lied come state legislators in their project to sow doubt over election results.