Brad Pitt is, by part estimates, among the most popular and highest paid entertainers in history. Yet like plenty of actors, he had to pay his dues prior to fame and also fortune ultimately came his way. He was twice named people Magazine’s Sexiest man Alive, and also his condition as one of the most powerful men in Hollywood is evident.

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Pitt additionally spends significant time volunteering time and money for charitable causes approximately the world. The is one American icon, and also a true Missouri legend.


wilhelm Bradley Pitt to be born in Shawnee, Oklahoma on December 18, 1963. His family members moved to Springfield soon after his birth, whereby he spent the remainder that his childhood. He grew up in a middle-class family, graduating native Kickapoo High college in 1984. In school, he participated in sports, school musicals, and student government. ~ graduation, he top to the college of Missouri–Columbia yet dropped out 2 credits shy the attaining his journalism level to shot his hand at acting in Hollywood. He later said that he remorse dropping out of the university v such a quick amount the time left till graduation.


As many actors discover, the road to success in Hollywood is difficult. Pitt sustained the tough years by working odd jobs like transferring exotic dancers in limos, moving refrigerators, and also modeling.

He started getting small TV and also movie roles in shows such as Dallas, thirtysomething, 21 run Street, cultivation Pains, and also Head of the Class. In 1988, he landing his first starring role in The Dark side of the Sun. During filming, civil war damaged out in Yugoslavia where the film was being made. Far-ranging parts the the nation were damages or destroyed, consisting of the footage. Amazingly, the video clip reels remained lost until 1996 as soon as the film was ultimately released.


Pitt’s huge break come in 1991, once he turn a little movie duty into the many talked about component of the year.

In Thelma & Louise, Pitt played the function of J. D., a drifter who coached Thelma (Geena Davis) on just how to plunder a store. His shirtless run in the hotel room made him an overnight sensation. That function paved the means for also bigger parts in movies prefer A flow Runs through It and Se7en.

Brad is currently one the the biggest stars in Hollywood history, and additionally one of the highest paid actors ever. He still commands much more than $20 million every movie. Together Pitt ongoing to rack up movie roles and also enormous quantities of money for the studios, he began winning numerous awards together well.

He winner honors for best Male Performance and Most preferable Male for Interview v a Vampire in 1995 in the MTV Movie Awards. He followed those awards up the really next year, again to win Most preferable Male because that Se7en. Also in 1996, he winner his first Golden world Award for ideal Performance by a supporting Actor because that Twelve Monkeys, complied with by a finest Actor award in the Rembrandt Audience Awards for seven Years in Tibet.

Pitt turned his exhilaration career in a brand-new direction by developing a manufacturing company called setup B Productions. He merged his acting skills and his producing interest in 2005 to make a film based upon fellow Missourian Jesse James.

With every move splashed throughout the consists of magazines around the world, his personal life is additionally epic. His marriage and also divorce come actress Jennifer Aniston play out like a real-life soap opera, and his partnership with actress Angelina Jolie.

Pitt proceeds to prove the he is truly among the greatest stars in history. Lot to the delight of Missourians, the foundation for his success was developed right below in the present Me State.

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*In 1995, Brad Pitt was liked by empire Magazine as one of the 25 Sexiest Stars in film History.