Oscar winner Brad Pitt has headlined dozens that movies because his big screen debut in the at an early stage 1990s. Landing a career-making function in the Ridley Scott film Thelma & Lousie, the gibbs was suddenly in high demand.

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Though the Ad Astra star nailed the personality of the handsome hitchhiker, Pitt wasn’t the first choice come play the part of J.D. 

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‘Thelma & Louise’ had actually a lengthy list of candidates because that J.D.

When Scott was spreading for the 1991 film the starred Susan Sarandon and also Geena Davis, he got a overwhelming of actors trying out for the thieving grifter.

“The J.D. Contenders mostly fell into 2 camps,” Becky Aikman created in Off the Cliff: how the do of Thelma and Louise Drove Hollywood to the Edge. “Some adopted the spikey, tousled hair and winning charm of star the the minute Tom Cruise, while others went for the more retro impact of a shuffling, mumbling James Dean. Many feel short.”

While the potential candidates for the duty were struggling gibbs at the time, the majority of them space now taken into consideration box office gold. Note Ruffalo, Dylan McDermott, and Marvel star Robert Downey auditioned for the part, according to Vulture. Hollywood A-lister George Clooney likewise threw his hat in the ring yet was rejected, i m sorry bruised his ego for quite some time.

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“The funniest point is, ns didn’t watch that movie because that a lengthy time,” Clooney stated in 2011 of Thelma & Louise, together reported through the Hollywood Reporter. “I was yes, really stuck doing a lot of poor TV at that time. … I simply couldn’t watch the movie because that a pair of years.”

‘Sliver’ star gets cast, then ditches the role

Up-and-coming star Billy Baldwin became cast as J.D. Prior to Baldwin signed ~ above the dotted line, he to be wooed into taking a larger role in the firefighting action flick Backdraft. Ironically, Pitt had tried the end for a part in the Ron Howard film yet came up empty.

Once Baldwin to be out, gibbs Grant show was a potential backup but couldn’t acquire out of his TV contract. That’s once Pitt came into the snapshot – literally. The Fight Club star was totally aware the he was no the first choice.

“The weird point was the it had gone with a couple of actors, and they were currently shooting,” Pitt remarked, follow to Collider. “I think they were desperate, come tell friend the truth. Lock were already shooting ‘cause a week later, i was top top set, working.”

Brad Pitt acquired a glowing recommendation from his co-star

Pitt may have had actually some help in landing the role. After analysis with several young actors throughout her character’s scene v J.D., Davis wasn’t shy around telling the director that she feeling deserved the part.

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“Lou and Ridley to be talking around the various other guys: ‘This one had a details roughness. That one had actually a great look,’” Davis told Vanity Fair in 2011. “They’re not stating the last one! So i said, ‘Can ns say something?’ and they’re ‘Of course.’ ns said, ‘The blond one. Duh!’”

The Moneyball star still appreciates the faith that Davis had in him, and for Scott acquisition a danger on such an inexperienced actor.

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“That definitely was a precursor to whereby we room now, today,” Pitt stated in 2020 that his Thelma & Louise role. “I’m really thankful to Ridley Scott and also Geena Davis, who provided me that shot because that to be the large league. I had actually nothing to show for myself, except for my extra work, and also they take it a possibility on me.”