Here’s a new taste the Quentin Tarantino’s sizzling new L.A.-set movie


Fresh off its human being premiere in ~ the Cannes film Festival, Quentin Tarantino’s ninth movie when Upon a Time in Hollywood is heading your way. The all-star tale collection in the heart of Tinseltown bowed to mainly reviews top top the French Riviera, ramping increase the excitement because that its an international rollout this summer. Ensuing in 1969, just months prior to the Manson murders saw an finish to flower-power idealism, this multi-stranded character-driven odyssey is the closestly movie QT has pertained to his above sophomore effort, Pulp Fiction.

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At its main point is the touching bromance in between fading TV actor rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and also his stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt), that both have actually seen better days. In the exclusive picture above, courtesy of our sister publication complete Film, you can see great buddies Rick and Cliff behind the wheel as they cruise the L.A. Boulevards in search of adventure.

Good buddies: Leonardo DiCaprio and also Brad Pitt in as soon as Upon A Time In Hollywood (Image credit: Sony)

Featuring a stunning roll contact of A-List talent – Al Pacino, cut Russell, Dakota Fanning, Damian Lewis, Bruce Dern, Michael Madsen and also many, many much more – it’s also loaded v Tarantino’s encyclopedic referrals to pop-culture gems. V Margot Robbie playing Sharon Tate, the actress-wife to roman Polanski, the head-spinning blend of reality and fiction will certainly be enough to save film fans play spot the referral for months.

Once top top a Time in Hollywood opens in the us on July 26 and also in the UK on respectable 14, and also this exclusive image comes courtesy of the new issue of total Film magazine, which hits shelves this Friday, might 31. Included in the issue, a substantial on-set exclusive for Spider-Man: much From Home and a huge blockbuster preview (including plenty of in our upcoming movies list, featuring the recent news on bond 25, Star wars Episode 9: The rise of Skywalker and also Joker. Check it out!

Total Film"s latest issue onsale 31 may (Image credit: Sony)

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