Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen the viral snap of Brad and also Jen backstage at the death Awards: They were beaming, they to be hugging, their hands to be touching. Yet were they ago together? The net sure wanted them to be. I, on the various other hand, was in the minority, trying to send out significant “don’t perform it, girl!” vibes come Jen. Here’s the thing: I’m actually a Brad Pitt pan – and also I have actually been for an ext than 20 years, ever due to the fact that my 11-year-old self first caught a glimpse of that on TV in “A river Runs v It” (yes, the movie about FLY FISHING). He to be — and, admittedly, tho is — my #1 Hollywood like (I know, i know). That being said, I additionally grew up an avid fan of “Friends”, specifically Rachel Green… I average Jennifer Aniston. She was hilarious, independent and beautiful, and while Jen’s job path since the top-rated sitcom went off the air has actually been hit-and-miss, I’ve always admired her capability to forge her own path — particularly in the confront of a highly-publicized divorce. And also that awful, nasty split is the specific reason why I’m rooting for Jen to not get earlier together through the man who up and also abandoned she for an additional woman. Sound harsh? Maybe. However there space plenty of united state who expect Jen never, ever goes back to Brad. And also here is why.

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Sure, it’s cute, but…

...do we really desire to encourage a mrs to go back to the male who publicly humiliated her? How quickly we forget. The picture that fans the flames anywhere again was snapped after ~ both Brad and Jen took house trophies at the screen Actors Guild Awards in January and, admittedly, it"s an beloved pic. They mutual a watch happy mini-reunion backstage — and also as intended the internet imploded. But faster than you might say "we were on a break," the photo was shared and also meme"d into oblivion whereby a vast majority of comments rejoiced in the presumption that the two might shack up once again. Us were happy for them — for taking home awards and also for showing up genuinely happy for one another. Yet also, it was two ex"s celebrating each others" successes — not falling back in love. Here are a couple of reasons why Jen shouldn"t get earlier with Brad.RELATED: these celebs in open up marriages can surprise you.

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That heartbreaking interview

Oh, just how soon we forget. For every the tabloid rumours hailing their alleged reconciliation, we"ve fully forgotten the bombshell 2006 Vanity Fair interview wherein Jen had actually some pretty profound and also heartbreaking things to say around her ex-hubby. "There"s a sensitivity chip that"s missing," she told reporter Leslie Bennetts. “I would be a robot if I said I didn’t feeling moments that anger, the hurt, of embarrassment.” together if the weren"t enough, who might forget this passage: "When i ask Aniston about , she looks together if i’ve stabbed she in the heart. Her eyes well up and also spill over. Several lengthy minutes go by together the tears save rolling under her cheeks; she bites she lip, seemingly unable to speak. Lastly she shakes she head; this topic is merely too excruciating to discuss." Yes, time deserve to heal wounds, and also people deserve to change, yet it"s also 100% okay to not desire to return to a dark period in your life or one ex that publicly humiliated you. RELATED: Is the time to rest up? The healthy and balanced relationship checklist.

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She’s had plenty that success without Brad

Brad schmad, amiright? because her break-up with the movie star, the already-successful queen that sitcoms went on to conquer the crate office in a slew of rom-coms, winner accolades (and hardware) for her starring duty in The Morning Show, literally broke the internet when she (finally!) join Instagram and then signed on because that the highly-anticipated Friends reunion top top HBOMax that already has fans buzzing. (Could us be any more excited?!) How about we provide this mrs the credit transaction she deserves for all her professional success and emphasis less top top the will-they-won"t-narrative that has shadowed her since her divorce. RELATED: Celebrity couples who referred to as it quits recently.

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He wasn’t there because that her

By every accounts, Jen was totally blindsided by Brad"s affair v his Mr. & Mrs. Smith costar Angelina Jolie. In just a couple of short years, she and Brad had gone from ultimately completing renovations on your "newlywed love nest" to signing divorce papers. To include salt to the wound, every this drama to be unfolding if Jen was liven filming the last season that Friends — no doubt one emotional suffer after a te of work and friendship. According to Vanity Fair, however, Brad never ever showed increase on the last day that taping — the just spouse of a major cast member to skip out. Related: Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston"s newlywed mansion for sale because that a lining $44M.

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His kids

Brad"s acquired six children (count "em) through ex-wife Angelina — and you deserve to bet that, if he and also Jen ever get ago together, it would just fracture the currently fragile partnership he maintains with certain members the his family. Divorce is constantly hard for anyone involved, specifically if it"s played the end in the general public eye. So the last thing Brad and those youngsters need is more drama to land in the tabloids. As well as the fact that Angie would without doubt raise objections come Jen"s presence in her kids" lives, Brad has also spoken openly of his attempts in ~ reconciliation with eldest son, Maddox. (The two had actually a falling out shortly prior to Brad"s stint in rehab because that alcohol abuse.). Healing the bond with Maddox must be Brad"s best priority appropriate now. RELATED: 20 celebrity exes who are proudly co-parenting.
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His ex-wife

Not to indicate that one ex-partner must have any say in just how their previous spouse interacts with past love interests, however Angie can not take a Brad and Jen reunion sitting down, especially due to the fact that her youngsters would be straight involved. Navigating the emotional intricacies the divorce is a complicated enough shift without any additional drama that could play the end in the general public eye. Return he and also Angelina have been separated due to the fact that 2016, the split was fixed amicable and Brad has made several recommendations — most recently adhering to his Oscar victory in February — come the truth that the plans to take it a year or 2 off to focus on his an individual and emotional rehabilitation, which likely contains a truce between himself and Angie.RELATED: Celebrities reveal what it"s choose to it is in cheated on.
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The tabloids

The tabloids "love" Jennifer Aniston — particularly when revisiting the tired, misogynistic narrative of she wanting, yearning, yearn a baby much more than anything: more than she career, she friends or her well-being. And when Jen and also ex-husband Justin Theroux parted ways in 2018, the rumour mill started churning out allegations (yet again) that Jen was set to reunite through Brad... And shot for a baby. But, offered the autumn from she divorce native Brad and also his following relationship v Angelina, it"s for sure to assume the she"s spring to prevent anything the could contribute to those rumours. Is any kind of former partner worth going with all the again in the tabloids? The jury is the end on the one, but we"re reasoning no.RELATED: 10 reasons civilization aren’t having babies in 2020.
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Brad’s baggage

We"ve all gained baggage, yet Brad"s is tho a work-in-progress. Shortly after winning ideal Supporting actor at the Oscars in February, Brad even admitted that he was ready to action out the the spotlight because that a least a year (if not two) to work-related on repairing frayed bonds through his eldest son Maddox and spend time functioning on boosting himself. Following his stint in rehab and also split native Angelina, he"s plainly on a an individual journey of kinds — and that"s ideal done alone in quiet reflection and out of the public eye.RELATED: 10 stress-busting methods that actually work.
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Speaking of the “Friends” reunion…

So far, 2020 is shaping approximately be a mighty huge year because that Jen what v the upcoming 2nd season of The Morning Show and also filming the Friends reunion unique that we"re every still losing our psychic over. She"s act what she"s constantly been doing: relocating on through her life.RELATED: Jennifer Aniston’s style evolution.

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Sometimes relationships end — and also that’s OK

People break up and move on; it happens every day. Yet, for part reason, human being are stuck on the idea that Brad and also Jen reuniting regardless of all the messy, dark drama that followed their split. Because that a woman who has had her confront splashed on an ext tabloid former pages than most celebs, Jen has lugged herself v grace and also aplomb. She"s had plenty of success and also boasts numerous fans. So why would certainly anyone want her to take it a step backward? after all, would certainly you go back to an ex who, an ext than 15 year ago, publicly humiliated you? more than likely not. It ended for a factor — for this reason let"s leaving it in the past and be happy that Jen and Brad are secure enough in us to uncover happiness in the others" successes. RELATED: The 13 most dangerous celebrities on the internet.