Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's custody fight is threatening to traction on indefinitely through no resolution in sight. (PHOTO: Gallo Images/Getty Images)

Divorce is a dime in dozen in Hollywood and couples as soon as so loved-up often end up tearing each various other apart with knives dripping through rancour and also recrimination.

But also by Tinseltown standards, this one is rather something.

Angelina Jolie has actually upped the comb in her divorce fight with Brad Pitt and now, four-and-a-half year after the implosion of Brangelina, those knives space still gift sharpened.

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At stake room the six children – and while both parental have always maintained the happiness and stability of the kids are most crucial of all, things space dissolving right into an ugly mess. And those fifty percent dozen young human being are the people who might well finish up enduring the most.

In what has been referred to as the “bitter endgame” that the divorce saga, Angelina filed court files last month stating she is all set again to suspicion Brad of domestic violence in the upcoming trial.

She says she has actually “proof and authority” in the kind of video clip recordings and also testimony native their children – Maddox (19), Pax (17), Zahara (16), Shiloh (14) and also twins Vivienne and also Knox (12).


Angie with their six youngsters (from left): Pax, Zahara, Knox, Vivienne, Maddox and Shiloh in ~ the Louvre Museum in Paris in January 2018. (PHOTO: Gallo Images/Getty Images)

It’s unclear if every the kids gave testimony since both parents have actually to offer consent and there’s no point out Brad would’ve agreed to it.

But that is Maddox – that is no much longer a boy – who is clearly leading the charge.

It’s no an enig he has no time for his father and also his testimony has actually “not been really flattering” towards Brad, insiders say.

The teen, who is enrolled at Seoul’s Yonsei college in Korea, has actually basically reduced Brad off and their connection is non-existent. He also wants to drop Pitt native his surname, although Angie – who is an extremely close to her eldest – is said to be against this.

“Maddox doesn’t use Pitt together his last surname on records that aren’t legal and also wants to legally change his last name to Jolie"
An insider

Angie’s filing, the contents of which space sealed come the public, have left Brad “gutted”, people in his camp to speak – especially as he was cleared of abuse charges adhering to an investigation by child services in 2016.“Brad is upper heart it has concerned this,” a friend tells ETOnline. “He’s worried to obtain custody cleared up so the family members can finally move on.”

He is fighting for 50/50 legal and physical custody when Angie wants to maintain her main physical custody with limited visitation legal rights for Brad.

“Many think Angelina’s latest relocate is part of a strategy come discredit her ex and sway the court in she favour,” the girlfriend says.

There have actually been times the pair have actually tried to work things the end – for example, they reached a temporary custody deal in November 2018.

But things deteriorated and there have been number of developments, consisting of Angie’s dismissed petition to have their longstanding exclusive judge, john W Ouderkirk, removed from the case due to the fact that she witnessed him as biased towards Brad’s legal team.

The pair also headed to court late last year through 20-plus witnesses that included former bodyguards, medical experts, personal assistants and also Angie’s Girl, Interrupted co-star Jillian Armenante.

The result was not made public but later on one of Angie’s peak lawyers, Priya Sopori, stop – the latest of she legal eagles to want out. This might indirectly benefit Brad, legal professionals say.

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“It’s basically saying something bad is keep going in the petitioner’s case,” leading us attorney Raoul Felder says. “Either she is not complying with the lawyer’s advice or there is some factor the lawyer wants to gain off the case.

“So, I’d be an extremely happy if i was Brad Pitt. He can say, listen, she couldn’t get in addition to her own lawyer. Lawyers think an extremely carefully prior to they say sufficient is enough and also they desire to get out.”

According to divorce lawyer Christina Previte, Angie is doing it s her a disservice if she “continues to stand up to the process and protect against addressing the real issues”.

“She is only going to do herself look negative to the court. It will appear as though she isn"t making reasonable efforts to solve the case.”

There are additionally concerns the Brad’s partnership with his youngsters is suffering.

“If the court becomes persuaded that Angelina isn’t promoting a relationship between the children and their father, this may not bode well for her custody position,” Previte says.

One point is dead certain now: pan who’d hoped Brad and also Angie might work things out and also sink back into each other’s arms have had to expropriate it is extremely unlikely come happen.

That trip from France come Los Angeles in September 2016 – that’s whereby it all ended. Details have been picked over thoroughly however they’re precious a recap because it to be all just so gobsmacking.

Angie and Brad obtained into an dispute shortly ~ take-off in France and also by the time they landing in Minnesota in the us to refuel, eyewitnesses described Brad together being “drunk and also out that control”.

MyTalk radio hostsBradley Traynor and Colleen Lindstrom asserted the companion of an airplane employee told lock workers might hear saying from the airplane before the doors also opened.


“The arguing spilled the end onto the tarmac in ~ which point, Brad relieved self on the tarmac,” Lindstrom said. “He also drove about the tarmac in a fuel truck prior to reversing and crashing into another airport vehicle.”

Things escalated once Brad got back on the jet and also they ongoing to LA. In ~ some suggest Maddox tried to intervene and when the did, Brad apparently lunged at him, making some sort of physics contact.

When they gained to LA, Angie piled every the kids into her car and drove away. A couple of weeks later on she filed because that divorce and also in a subsequent interview v Vogue, she declared she be separate “for the wellbeing of mine family”.

Brad went on come quit drinking and also seek therapy, admitting his boozing was a difficulty in your two-year marriage.

“Truthfully, I can drink a Russian under the table through his very own vodka. Ns was a professional. I was good”

Authorities cleared him of child abuse charges however it seemed whatever happened on that flight has done its damage. Maddox – the adorable little boy Brad dropped in love with means back when he and Angie gained together – wants nothing more to perform with him.

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And together he’s 19 and a legitimate adult, he have the right to pretty much do what he wants.

As Brad himself once said, “I heard one lawyer say, ‘No one wins in court – it’s just a issue of that gets ache worse’. And it seems to be true.”