Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are perfect because that their functions as Jack and also Rose in Titanic. Yet before the actors acquired cast, Brad Pitt and also Jennifer Aniston were likewise being looked at for the film. Considering Pitt and Aniston to be married for 5 years, it’s for sure to say your romantic chemistry would certainly be incredible in James Cameron’s movie. Yet can girlfriend imagine the Friends actress and Pitt for the roles of Jack and also Rose?

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Jennifer Aniston through her husband Brad Pitt | Scott Nelson/AFP via Getty pictures

According to HuffPost, several various other A-list actors could’ve played Jack and Rose inTitanic. Cameron looked at a lot of different civilization for the leading roles prior to deciding top top Winslet and also DiCaprio. 2 actors that were notably thought about for the film were Aniston and also Pitt. The 2 met in 1994, Anniston gushing the Pitt was just a “sweet,” “normal” man from Missouri.

Yet regardless of their fondness of every other, the pair didn’t start dating till 1998, considering Pitt was still in a partnership with Gwenyth Paltrow at the time. (Paltrow had additionally been taken into consideration for the role of Rose.) according to Pitt’s bodyguard, Aniston and also Pitt had fantastic relationship whereby they never fought and also seemed really much in love. Now, end a decade since the finish of your marriage, Pitt and Aniston consider each various other to be “good friends.”

Angelina Jolie could have likewise starred in ‘Titanic’ together Rose

Angelina Jolie | Steve Granitz/WireImage

Talk about drama! according to HuffPost, Angelina Jolie was likewise considered for the duty of Rose.

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If Jolie and also Pitt starred in Titanic, there is a an excellent chance the totality Aniston/Jolie/Pitt scandal would have never happened. Various other ex-Hollywood couples that could have starred in the film encompass Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder, adhered to by Tom Cruise and also Nicole Kidman.