Inside Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's $2.1 million fairytale weddingBy Áine Ryan| 3 months ago

This main marks 21 years because former Hollywood It couple Brad Pitt and also Jennifer Aniston bound the knot. Despite they didn't have actually the happy finishing the civilization hoped for, their short-lived partnership was so high-profile and enviable it remains tabloid fodder come this day.

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The pair went on their an initial date in 1998 yet kept their partnership quiet until making their red carpet debut at the Emmys in 1999, cementing themselves together Hollywood's sexty couple. Then come the whirlwind engagement later on that year.

They married top top July 29, 2000, in a wedding that is report to have price US$1 million (approx. $2.1 million today), and which Jen would certainly later call "fantastic" despite the absence of she estranged mother.

Brad Pitt and also Jennifer Aniston, who remain friends regardless of their split, reunited on the red carpet in 2020 (Getty)

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The ring

Brad proposed come Jen with a US$500,000 (approx. $1 million today) diamond and platinum engagement ring by Italian jewellery designer Silvia Damiani, who Brad operated with for seven months.

The pair announced your engagement on stage at a Sting concert in November 1999.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt show off Jennifer's engagement ring on stage at the Beacon Theater during a Sting concert ~ above November 21, 1999. (Getty)

The venue

Brad and also Jen married ~ above the peak of a Malibu clifftop in California. The lavish consciousness took ar on a five-acre property.

According come People, there were 50,000 flowers, four bands, a 40-member gospel choir and also fireworks.

Tents were erected, lanterns were hung and also the tables to be adorned with roses, wisteria and also tulips. The reception tent was illuminated by brown sugar candles imported from Thailand, together per Jen's request. She supposedly loves candles.

The bride and also groom

Brad wore a four-button black tux design Hedi Slimane if Jen was draped in a glass-beaded, silk and satin gown v a low ago by designer Lawrence Steele.

She combine the dress with a pair the four-inch ivory suede Manolo Blahnik heels and also a one veil, which was draped native a pearl-and-Swarovski-crystal crown.

A resource told People she want to look at "sexy yet pretty" and also "to display off she toned arms."

She carried a loose bouquet of netherlands Vendela roses and made her entrance after ~ flower girl threw petals and blew bubblers.

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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston on your wedding work in 2000. (People)

The bridal party

Jen had two bridesmaids. The first was Suddenly Susan actress Andréa Bendewald, who she has known due to the fact that she 14. Jen would later serve as Andréa's maid that honour at she 2001 wedding. Jen's 2nd bridesmaid was documentary filmmaker Kristin Hahn-Stringer, among the very first friends Jen made when she moved to LA and, later, her company partner.

The women wore pale environment-friendly slip dresses while Jen's flower girl wore cream silk frocks, also designed by Lawrence Steele.

Brad's brother and also best guy Doug to be dressed in a Prada suit. In ~ one point he dropped the ring. Your dad invoice was the 2nd groomsman, and their mommy Jane and also sister Julie watched from their seats.

Nancy, Jen's estranged mother, did no attend the wedding. Jen and also Nancy had actually a troubled partnership for years, but it was the publishing of Nancy's book From Mother and Daughter come Friends: A Memoir in 1999 that ended the relationship, hence Nancy's absence from the wedding — Jen reduced Nancy the end of her life for 15 years and they reconciled just prior to Nancy's fatality in 2016.

Meanwhile, Jen's father, Days of our Lives actor man Aniston, go attend. He had actually the special role of go his daughter down the aisle.

"Jennifer looked beautiful," John, who break-up from Nancy two decades earlier, told People at the time.

The vows

Brad and also Jen created their own vows. Brad promised to "split the difference on the thermostat" when Aniston stated she'd always make his "favourite banana milkshake."

Later, lock read more traditional vow in unison though Jen missed her cue.

"Oh, I've never done this before," she joked. "With this ring, ns thee wed, so that all the people may understand my love because that you," Brad and also Jen claimed together.

The guest list

It to be a star-studded event. Brad and also Jen invite 200 guests consisting of her Friends co-stars David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt Leblanc and Courtney Cox, the latter of whom arrived with her then-husband David Arquette.

Jen's close friend Cameron Diaz was additionally in attendance, together was Brad's Fight Club co-star Edward Norton and his date, actress Salma Hayek. David Spade, Jon Lovitz and also Kathy Najimy likewise scored invites.

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, pictured below at the 56th yearly Primetime Emmy Awards in 2004, were with each other until January 2005 as soon as they announced their intention come divorce. (Getty)

The reception

After the 15-minute ceremony, the newlyweds took their photos while guests ate shrimp, gourmet pizza and also caviar, and drank Dom Pérignon champagne.

Dinner come at 8pm in the agree tent and guests dined top top lobster, crab, peppercorn beef, risotto and also pasta.

After the speeches, Brad and also Jen struggle the dance floor.

The cake

After the tossing of the bouquet and the garter throw, Brad and Jen cut their six-tier, white frosted wedding cake.

"They to be looking right into each other's eyes as soon as they fed it to every other," singer Dakota Horvath, who performed in ~ the wedding, told People. "And they were laughing with cake in your mouths."

"It was a spectacular wedding," said Jen's dad John.

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Sadly, Jen and Brad split in January 2005. They issued a statement announcing the end of their marriage, and also briefly touch on speculation about whether a third party, Brad's Mr and also Mrs Smith co-star Angelina Jolie, to be involved. Yet that's a whole other story.

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