The nation song, “Remind Me” carry out by Brad Paisley and also Carrie Underwood carries the template of romanticism and resembles the rekindling that love the a pair of five months or five years would have.

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The music video displays Brad Paisley and also Carrie Underwood walking in the direction of each various other in the desert v the sun setting. Currently a human who might not like nation music or that doesn’t like Brad Paisley would wonder why the whole video clip is played out in a desert.

After city hall the music video several times and also thinking of different reasons why this video plays the end the means it is, I come up through a pretty good assumption. In ~ the begin of the video clip they room separated by a couple of miles and also walk towards each various other continuously transparent the video.

This method used through Brad Paisley is very smart. It mirrors that parts of a relationship might be shaky at times however it can always be resolved. The lyrics display this devotion to solve the problem. A specific example i think the in the track is once Carrie Underwood says, “Do girlfriend remember the means it felt?” and Paisley answers with, ” girlfriend mean ago when us couldn’t regulate ourselves?” climate they both sing the last part, “Remind me, yeah remind me.” by the end of the track they are right up next to each other as the sun is setting and singing the last little of the song. It reflects that they have actually reconnected in a way that they want to.

There is a pattern in the track that is very easy come recognize. They store bringing up old memory that occurred in their relationship. The text “remind me” space basically hinting the the pair should rekindle the old fire they had. Now, Paisley and also Underwood aren’t a couple in actual life, but in the video clip they resemble a couple and room talking to every couples that might not feeling the same method as lock may have actually in the first pair months of your relationship.

The an essential section that clearly displays the an interpretation of the song is within the an initial minute. Paisley sings, “Now we keep saying that we’re OK, But ns don’t want to work out for an excellent not great, I miss the way that it felt back then, I wanna feeling that way again.”

These lyrics really hit house to the couples that might not be emotion the spark the they offered to feel. Castle talk about all the good memories in the past, but also show exactly how the present isn’t dealing with them very well.

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If you room a Brad Paisley fan, friend would an alert that many of his music videos prefer this one lug a strong meaning and generally a deep story. Likewise you may an alert that there is a many emotion in the video. A type of bittersweet feel is presented throughout the whole video such as when they are talking around all the an excellent memories and then wanting to have actually them back.

The finish of the song then end with about 20 secs of Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood challenge to challenge saying “remind me.”