On the Sept. 9 episode of ABC"s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Brad Paisley and a distinct livestream guest offered his 2005 hit "Alcohol" and also other favorites come poke fun at the continuous coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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Paisley sang parody songs and cracked hoax in the over segment, including some light-hearted digs in ~ his lovely Cleveland Browns.

The 2020 review of "Alcohol" access time it out of the park through its opened lines: "And because the day we first heard indigenous Fauci / that gravelly-voiced McDreamy hunk / We"ve been wipin" under groceries / Hoardin" the Charmin / and also pretty lot constantly drunk."

During Paisley"s revision of "Remind Me," Carrie Underwood provides an appearance come sing with her duet partner and also to joke about the an extremely idea that Paisley filling Kimmel"s shoes.

Paisley play it severe long enough to talk around country music"s role in obtaining us all through a stormy year.

"This is a tough time because that everybody, and it transforms out the a lot of of world are turning to nation music because that comfort," Paisley said. "Streams of nation music space up 11 percent. ... Which, ns guess, renders sense -- virtually every country song is about loneliness or drunkenness. And also right now, everybody"s both of those things all the time."

Paisley and also Underwood go means back, not simply with songs yet as 11-time CMA Awards co-hosts.

Over job Day weekend, two old friends and Opry members teamed up in Nashville because that the cool OleOpry"s 4,940th consecutive Saturday Night broadcast.

A night that consisted of Underwood"s performances of her debut single "Jesus, take the Wheel" plus "Dirty Laundry" and also "I Told you So," and also a set of Paisley favourite anchored by "No i in Beer," likewise brought fans special duet performances. Together, Underwood and Paisley sang their own hit, "Remind Me," and also renditions of Loretta Lynn and also Conway Twitty"s "Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man" and one that the many meaningful and also memorable access time of the 21st century, "Whiskey Lullaby." The pair additionally closed the end the live transfer from the Opry stage with a tune synonymous v the mother Church, "Will the Circle be Unbroken."

Paisley recorded "Whiskey Lullaby" through duet partner Alison Krauss for his 2003 albumMud ~ above the Tires. The tune racked up several awards, including Music video clip of the Year and Vocal/Musical event of the Year honors from both the country Music combination (CMA) and Academy of nation Music (ACM). Strange enough, a track of together magnitude never reached No. 1. That stalled at No. 3 onBillboard"s Hot country Songs chart.

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Opry broadcasts function media personality Bobby Bones and also can it is in heard every week online, via one All accessibility and ~ above the station that began it all, WSM.

Others to execute at the Opry House because the present went ~ above in March there is no a live audience include Keith Urban, Reba McEntire, Darius Rucker, Luke Combs and country music power pair Trisha Yearwood and also Garth Brooks.

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In other Underwood news, she"ll it is in joining Dolly Parton and also others through Christmas albums slated for a loss release when My Gift arrives on Sept. 25. Guest on the album encompass John Legend and Underwood"s oldest son, social media superstar Isaiah Fisher.