Brad Paisley has long to be on everyone"s nation playlist v hits prefer "She"s Everything" and "When I gain Where I"m Going." fans of his witty banter with longtime CMA Awards co-host Carrie Underwood should watch no additional than the 2011 duet "Remind Me."

The third solitary off Paisley"s This is nation Music groups two Nashville superstars and Opry members because that an underrated No. 1 hit and also an award-winning music video.

The duet creates Paisley and also Underwood together musical partner on par with Garth Brooks and also Trisha Yearwood, Loretta Lynn and also Conway Twitty, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, and also others able come partake in heartbreaking musical conversation.

In true Paisley and Underwood form, the duo poked fun at the lawsuit in the 2014 track "High Life."

"Remind Me" Lyrics

We didn"t treatment if people staredWe"d make out in a crowd somewhereSomebody"d tell us to get a roomIt"s tough to believe that to be me and also youNow we keep saying that we"re okayBut ns don"t want to resolve for an excellent not greatI miss out on the means that the felt earlier then ns wanna feeling that means again

Been so lengthy that you"d forget the means I supplied to kiss your neckRemind me, repeat meSo on fire so in love. Method back as soon as we couldn"t get enoughRemind me, repeat me

Remember the airplane dropping me offWe were kissing goodbye and we couldn"t stopI felt poor cause friend missed her flightBut that intended we had one an ext night

Do friend remember just how it used to beWe"d rotate out the lights and also we didn"t just sleepRemind me, baby, repeat me

Oh, for this reason on fire therefore in loveThat look in your eyes that I miss so muchRemind me, baby, repeat me

I wanna feel that wayYeah, i wanna host you closeOh, if girlfriend still love meDon"t just assume ns know

Baby, repeat me, repeat me

Do you remember the means it felt?You mean ago when we couldn"t control ourselvesRemind meYeah, repeat me

All those points that you used to doThat do me fall in love v youRemind me, oh, baby, repeat me

Yeah, you"d wake up in my old t-shirtAll those mornings i was late for workRemind me

Oh, baby, remind me

Oh, baby, repeat me, baby, repeat meYeah, you"d wake up up in mine old t-shirtRemind me, yeah, ohBaby, remind me