Boyz n the Hood: 10 Most powerful Quotes man Singleton"s Boyz n the Hood is seminal black filmmaking. Here are the 10 most powerful quotes in this iconic coming-of-age movie.

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Boyz n the Hood is among the many iconic movies that come out that the 90s and also was written and directed by man Singleton when he was just twenty-four. The movie is a work of fiction, but like numerous fictions it serves as a vehicle for higher truths.

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Singleton"s movie is a touching, difficult, ethical tale of struggle and love and harsh realities. It"s a film the stands alone together a stunning item of arts but likewise resounds through messages that are politically appropriate to this day.

Furious phone call the police after his house has been damaged into throughout Tre"s an initial night after moving in. Furious fired a pair of shots at the human attempting to plunder him but missed. The Police take an hour to arrive, and once they do, they are unhelpful. Among the policemen, who is Black, offers Furious details trouble, and Furious responds through dismay at the fact that the policeman doesn"t see that he"s fighting the not correct fight.

Furious tries to instill life mottos and lessons right into Tre and also makes that repeat them ago to the in his very own words to prove the he"s paying attention and also taking that seriously. Furious provides clear to Tre from job one living v him that points will be various for him than they room for his friends because Furious intends come raise that by particular morals and also guidelines i beg your pardon will give his life a certain foundation, help him to not succumb come the organized traps collection for world of color.

Furious make the efforts to send on Tre the message that fatherhood doesn"t just mean impregnating someone, but takes dedication and care and also being around.

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Tre tries to be this sort of father for Tre, and also hopes for Tre to discover by his example and also be careful and also not to take the action of having youngsters lightly.

7 many Of Those Tests are Culturally Biased. The Only part That"s global Is The Math

Tre and Rick return from acquisition the sat test to obtain into college, and also Furious inquires on exactly how it went. Both shrug, come which Furious responds through a morose understanding that the tests are biased anyway--meaning biased to advantage white people and put human being of shade at a disadvantage.

6 Why execute You Think There"s A Liquor save On Every Corner? The Same factor There"s A Gun save On Every Corner. They Want us To kill Ourselves.

Furious take away Rick and Tre ~ above a pilgrimage to Compton. Both young men are nervous about it, however Furious tells them the they must stop being afraid the their own people, as the media would have them be.

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Furious draws fist to a billboard advertising cash because that people"s homes and also explains the concept of gentrification in Black neighborhoods, stressing the need for Black civilization to stick together. He goes on to talk about white affect in Black lives, and also the organized attempts to pit black people versus each other and also influence the decline of black lives.

5 Why Every Time you Talk about A Female friend Gotta to speak A "Bit*h" Or A "Ho"?

Doughboy"s female girlfriend calls him the end for only ever before referring to women with derogatory words. Even in a rare instance where he appears to it is in describing just how women are superior come men, he end his suggest by introduce to women as "bi*ches". Ladies in the movie are almost always described this way, drawing attention to the issue of sexism in the Black masculine community, specifically sexism against Black women.

Reva speak Furious turn off for behaving as if that is distinct for having actually raised Tre. She offers him credit for the truth that what he did because that their son is admirable and he"s been a an excellent father in ways that most guys aren"t, yet doing so doesn"t provide him the appropriate to feel remarkable to her.

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In a rare moment in the movie in i beg your pardon a woman"s view is offered, Reva asserts the truth that what the occasional male gets patted on the ago for is the exact same thing that many women space expected to thanklessly do every solitary day.

3 You"re My only Son, and also I"m no Gonna shed You come No Bullsh*t. Ns Love You, Man.

Tre is in shock from Ricky being shot and also rushes house to acquire his gun. Furious stop him, challenging him not to offer in to the ego-driven habits that obtain most males in their area killed. Furious embraces Tre in a moment that to represent a difficulty to toxicity masculinity, where two men can feel comfortable reflecting their love for one another.

Doughboy aggressively shouts at the drug-addicted mother who continuous harasses human being for money and drugs, embodying the crucial bluntness and also harsh lives lived in such difficult neighborhoods yet while additionally including the care, community, and also humanity that persists--looking out for the babies that can"t help but wander into the dangers of the street.

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1 one of two people They Don"t Know...Don"t Show...Or Don"t Care about What"s walk On In The Hood

In this beautiful last lines that the film, Doughboy sits v Tre the morning after ~ Ricky was murdered in vast daylight. He expresses his confusion about the American depiction of hardship; the truth that American news will certainly cover horrors going on in foreign countries as if there room no horrors in their very own country--meanwhile, Black human being are the subjects of murder and abuse every day.