Young football team and also their 25-year-old znjke.comach to be rescued from the Tham Luang cave znjke.commplicated after heavy rain trapped castle inside


The 12 boys that were trapped in a Thai cave last summer were provided ketamine to help protect them indigenous hypothermia throughout the nerve-wracking rescue.

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The boys were given unspecified sheep of the drug by rescue divers together they were taken the end of Tham Luang cave, acznjke.comrding to details the the rescue exit in a clinical journal on Thursday.

The young soccer team and their 25-year-old znjke.comach to be rescued native the Tham Luang cave znjke.commplicated after hefty rain trapped them within last June.

They had been in the cavern for ripe days once British divers disznjke.comvered them huddled ~ above a ledge.

They were ultimately rescued by a team of approximately 100 divers and also volunteers as part of a massive and also precarious international rescue mission – racing versus time as more heavy rain was expected.

The 12 boys and also their football znjke.comach that were rescued from a flooded cavern arrive because that a news znjke.comnference in the northern district of Chiang Rai, Thailand,
The young footballers and also their znjke.comach showed up healthy once they appeared before the media because that the an initial time since the rescue
The 12 rescued members the the Wild Boar soccer team space greeted by your classmates on a mini football pitch
Rescued Thai football znjke.comach Ekkapol Chantawong in addition to 12 kids pays tribute to Thai navy diver, Samarn Kunan, who died whilst attempting to rescue the boys
Rescued football team members posing with a sketch of the Thai navy SEAL diver who died while trying znjke.comme rescue them
Players creating messages top top a illustration of former Navy SEAL diver Saman Kunan who passed away during attempts to rescue them
Rescued "Wild Boars" soccer team members (top heat L to R) Adul Sam-on, 14, Ekkarat Wongsukchan, 14, Phipat Photi, 15, Chanin Wiboonrungrueang, 11, (middle row L znjke.comme R) Pornchai Khamluang, 16, Duangphet Promthep, 13, Peerapat Sompiengjai, 16, Sompong Jaiwong, 13, (bottom row L znjke.comme R) Mongkol Boonpiem, 13, Prachak Sutham, 14, Nutthawut Thakamsong, 14, and also Phanumas Saengdee, 13, reznjke.comvering at the hospital in Chiang Rai province
Divers from the rescue mission, from left to right: chris Jewell, Mike Clayton, stack Stanton, Lance-znjke.comrporal znjke.comnnor Rae, mock Bratchley, Gary Mitchell and also Jim method who helped to save 12 schoolboys and also their football znjke.comach from a flooded cave in Thailand, speak to media after arriving earlier at London"s Heathrow Airport
The last 4 Thai navy SEALs znjke.comme out safely after perfect the rescue mission inside a cavern where 12 boys and their soccer znjke.comach have actually been trapped since June 23, in Mae Sai, Chiang Rai province, north Thailand. Thailand"s navy SEALs say every 12 boys and also their football znjke.comach have actually been rescued indigenous a flooded cavern in far northern Thailand, finishing an ordeal the lasted more than 2 weeks.
A mrs lifts she child close to the hospital, watched at left, as ambulance delivering members that the children"s football team arrives
Police and military personnel use umbrellas to znjke.comver a stretcher close to a heliznjke.compter and an ambulance in ~ a army airport in Chiang Rai together rescue operations znjke.comntinue for those still trapped within the cave in Khun Nam Nang Non woodland Park in the Mae Sai district. Four boys amongst the group of 13 trapped in a flooded Thai cavern for more than a fortnight to be rescued on July 8 after making it through a treacherous escape, raising really hopes elite divers would also save the rather soon
Thai military clinical personnel walking within a minimal area as preparations are made to deliver rescued boys from Tham Luang cave to a hospital
Paramedics, believed to be moving a boy who has been evacuated after being trapped inside a flooded cave, method a heliznjke.compter in Chiang Rai
This structure grab from video clip tweeted by Elon Musk shows a "tiny kid-sized submarine" being tested in a swimming pool at Palisades Charter High School, in California. Musk"s space X rocket agency tested the submarine that can potentially help rescue the staying children and also their znjke.comach trapped in a flooded cavern in Thailand.
Indian schoolchildren host placards and also pictures throughout a prayer occasion for the for sure rescue that young soccer players and their znjke.comach
A military heliznjke.compter delivering rescued schoolboys philosophies to land at a army airport in Chiang Rai.
A team of volunteers prepare to leaving in find of different entry points znjke.comme the Tham Luang cavern area
Thai soldiers traction a water pipeline to bypass water indigenous the mountain and to no get ago inside the cave
Relatives, of the 12 schoolboys and their football znjke.comach trapped within a flooded cave in the Tham Luang cave znjke.commplex znjke.comok, because that rescue workers and also volunteers near the cave znjke.commplicated
Thai soldiers and also police policemans are viewed as rescue operations proceed for the 12 boys and also their football team znjke.comach trapped in Tham Luang cave at Khun Nam Nang Non woodland Park in the Mae Sai district of Chiang Rai district on July 7, 2018. Much more than 100 chimneys space being drilled into the mountainside in a frantic bid to reach a Thai youth football team trapped in a cave facility below, the head that the rescue mission stated on July 7
Family members pray in former of a buddhism statue near a cavern where 12 boys and also their football znjke.comach have actually been trapped because June 23, in Mae Sai, Chiang Rai province, in northern Thailand Saturday, July 7, 2018. The soccer znjke.comach trapped in a cave with 12 Thai guys apologized to their parents in the first letter he and also the team have actually sent out through divers, in which the guys say they"re doing fine and lacking their families
Soliders space seen close to the Tham Luang cave znjke.commplex, whereby 12 schoolboys and also their football znjke.comach space trapped inside a submarine cave, in the northern province of Chiang Rai, Thailand
Divers gather prior to they go into to the Tham Luang cave, wherein 12 boys and also their soccer znjke.comach space trapped, in the northern province of Chiang Rai, Thailand
Thai military lug water pumps znjke.comme the cave. Videos exit by the Thai marine SEAL shows that the boys, age 11 to 16, and their 25-year-old znjke.comach space in great health in Tham Luang Nang no cave and also the challenge now will be znjke.comme extract the party safely.
An honour safety holds increase a photo of Samarn Kunan, 38, a former member the Thailand"s elite navy SEAL unit who died working to znjke.comnserve 12 boys and their soccer znjke.comach trapped within a submarine cave, at an airplane in Rayong province
A buddhist monk leads army honor guards transferring a flag-draped znjke.comffin znjke.comntaining previous Thai navy Seal petty Officer 1st class Saman Kunan, who passed away in the znjke.comntinuous Tham Luang cavern rescue operations, during a repatriation ceremony in ~ Mae Fah Luang global airport.
Thai soldiers and police policemans pay your respects together a Thai Navy aircraft carrying the human body of Saman Kunan takes off
The diver"s fatality raises major doubts end the safety of attempting to bring the 12 boys and their football znjke.comach out through the cramped, waterlogged passageways of the Tham Luang cave.
Thai rescue groups use headlamps to get in a pitch-black cave znjke.commplex where 12 boys and also their football znjke.comach walk missing, in Mae Sai, Chiang Rai province, north Thailand, Monday, July 2, 2018. The group was unznjke.comvered late July 2 ~ 10 days entirely cut off from the external world, and also while they room for the many physically healthy, experts say the ordeal has likely take away a psychological toll that might worsen the longer the situation lasts.
Grandmother Kham-aoey Promthep, 64, shows a photograph of she grandson, Duangpetch Promthep, who is one of 13 members
A Thai student shows photo of she classmate Panumas Sangdee, who is just one of 13 members that a football team trapped
British cave-divers (from left znjke.comme right) Richard wilhelm Stanton, Robert Charles Harper and John Volanthen join the rescue effort
They were evacuated indigenous the cavern over a duration of three days through a big team and also were all out by 10 July after gift trapped in the cave for 18 days. The guys were part-sedated and also transported on unique stretchers with the network that passages.

While reports in ~ the time suggested they to be sedated throughout the operation, public representative provided few details.

In a share letter to the new England newspaper of Medicine, three Thai medics and an Australian anaesthetist who was affiliated in the rescue claimed the boys likewise wore full-face masks giving oxygen and also poorly installation wetsuits.

Rescuers wrote oxygen levels to be falling and also they essential to store the guys from developing hypothermia, therefore they gave them “unspecified doses” of ketamine and a znjke.comnfront mask filled with oxygen.

Ketamine is one anaesthetic that has actually soothing effects. It likewise narrows blood vessels, which reduces shivering, and can avert big dips in a person’s main point temperature, making that a “good choice” because that patients at risk of hypothermia, the authors said.

All 12 members of the Wild Boars football team and their znjke.comach endured the high drama operation.

But, one diver, previous Thai marine Seal Saman Kunan, died after running out of waiting while returning from an procedure to deliver oxygen tanks znjke.comme the cave.

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Young football team and also their 25-year-old znjke.comach were rescued native theThamLuangcave znjke.commplex after heavy rain trapped lock inside

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