Alana Maria Jefferson

Alana Maria Jefferson, 17, recently was named Boys & girls Clubs of Miami-Dade’s 2021 Youth the the Year. A panel of club employee and management served as the judges to pick this year’s Youth that the Year.

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Jefferson, a junior at Coral Gables senior High school with a 3.2 GPA, has actually been a member the the Hank Kline Club because 2010. Throughout her time in ~ the club, she has matured by place her focus on she education and giving earlier to the community. She really hopes to to visit Columbia university or Howard college to seek a career in education and learning with a emphasis on the arts. Jefferson believes in fostering the arts and the prestige of art education in at an early stage childhood development.

Jefferson participates in numerous extracurricular activities including writing for the college newspaper which she offers as a way to bring awareness to issues surrounding the arts.

Jefferson additionally ran for 2021 class president and also credits the club through transforming her right into an extroverted, i was sure leader. In ~ the club, she participates in the teenager Club and also is the Keystone president. She likewise is part of the teen Event advance Committee.

Jefferson and also 29 other teens from Florida guys & girls Clubs will be competing for the 2021 Florida Youth of the Year title. The winner the the state title will get a $2,500 scholarship, laptop computer and printer.

“Alana is the appropriate ambassador of boys & girls Clubs that Miami-Dade and also deserves come be named Youth of the Year,” claimed Alex Rodriguez-Roig, president of boys & girl Clubs of Miami-Dade. “She embodies the worths of leadership and service, and has proven scholastic excellence. Us congratulate her for every one of her tough work and dedication to the Club and our community.”

Every year due to the fact that 1955, youth from miscellaneous Boys & girls Clubs across Florida have completed for the chance to stand for Florida as the Florida Youth of the Year. The winner that the state title climate competes in the local competition. Five regional winners then move on, and one is called the boys & girls Clubs that America nationwide Youth the the Year.

The nationwide Youth of the Year serves together both an exemplary ambassador for guys & girl Clubs youth and also as a strong voice for all of the nation’s young people. That or she obtain a brand-new car courtesy that Toyota, and scholarships and also cash totaling $60,000. The nationwide Youth the the Year, together with the various other four local runners-up, then travel to Washington, DC, and speak come members that Congress and also meet the president of the joined States.

To attain the location of Youth of the Year on any level, society members must embody the values of leadership and service, academic excellence and a healthy and balanced lifestyle. They need to exemplify the critical impact that Boys & girl Clubs have on the lives of young people. The scoring has candidate essays, one interview, a speech, letter of recommendation and also overall applications quality.

Boys & girl Clubs of Miami-Dade has been offer youth in the community because 1946.

What once was a solitary building and also site because that boys has grown to 5 clubs serving thousands of boys and also girls year-round, offering programs in the locations of character and also leadership development, educational enhancement, job preparation, health and also life skills, social arts and sports, fitness and also recreation.

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Club staffing, initiatives, and programs are designed to inspire and permit area youth and administer them through the sources to succeed and share in the American Dream.