While you can enjoy taking some desires literally—like that recurring one wherein you’re date Harry Styles—most desires aren’t symbolic of noþeles happening in your genuine life. And also that’s a good thing, provided how many of united state dream around our teeth falling out, or no finishing high school, or arriving naked come class.

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But realistic desires can still it is in freaky AF. And that’s particularly true if you’re dreaming around being pregnant, which, hello, is a big freaking deal, even if it is you"re spring to conceive or room trying no to. Waking up in the morning after seeing scenes of you v a giant belly, or strapped to the stirrups, or advertise a tiny child out of your body can definitely make you feel some form of way, even if it is that"s hopeful or anxious.

The point is, pregnancy desires aren"t a sure-fire authorize that you are pregnant. While you certainly could it is in if you"re sexually active, dreams generally aren’t prophetic. Here"s why you might be having actually pregnancy desires lately, and what they might mean about what"s going on in your life, follow to experts.

1. You"re yes, really hoping to obtain pregnant soon.

For part people, pregnancy dreams are linked to the truth that the human is reasoning a lot around having a infant in the near future, says Rafael Pelayo, MD, clinical professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Stanford facility for Sleep Sciences and also Medicine.


That’s most likely not surprising: If who desperately wants to be pregnant, dreams around pregnancy are their desires playing out in their dream world. Of course, it’s not likely that pregnancy desires will freak you the end if you’re actually trying to get pregnant, but they have the right to make you feel discouraged or under if it"s no happening external of your dreams.

2. You have actually a are afraid of getting pregnant appropriate now.

The much more confusing script is once you dream that you’re delivering a son (or that you take a positive pregnancy test, perhaps) however you’re 100 percent not ready to think around babies and also have never lugged a baby. Or, possibly you’ve already had kids and also you certainly don’t want more. In these cases, dreading a pregnant or having anxiety around it can still typical the object is on her mind in some capacity, for this reason you may imagine that in your sleep (and it might feel more like a nightmare).

3. Something in your life motivated a memory of a past pregnancy.

These dreams may additionally be concerned random memories about a past pregnancy the your own or who else"s, Dr. Pelayo says. If you’re dreaming around being pregnant and previously to be at some suggest in your life, there’s a an excellent chance that something in her day summary reminded friend of that. Say the you had bad morning sickness during your very first pregnancy: any kind of time the you feel a small nauseated throughout the day is a opportunity for your mind to remember the morning sickness and also give girlfriend a dream around being pregnant.

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A comparable thing could happen if you eat among the foodstuffs you when craved when you to be pregnant, especially if it’s no something you generally eat (pickles and also peanut butter, anyone?) an additional example: You check out someone with a baby, and even despite you’re post-menopausal, the visual triggers your mind to mental your very own pregnancy when you’re asleep.


So it’s approximately you come sleuth the end your true feelings as soon as you wake up. Was this dream a sign from your subconscious that you’re either ready for kids or terrified that you’ll accidentally obtain pregnant, or was it simply your brain dredging up part old memory?

4. You"re "giving birth" in another way, favor to a large project you"ve been functioning on.

Dreams around being pregnant could be about a different kind the birth, so to speak. “Pregnancy can be a an allegory for other kinds the creativity,” claims Deirdre Barrett, PhD, a psychologist and also author that The Committee of Sleep. Pregnancy dreams may stand for your excitement about a an innovative project in your home or at work, she says. You’re “giving birth” come this project, in a sense, and also that could show up in your dreams as a bump or baby.


There are likewise variations top top this theme: instead of being pregnant, you might dream about breastfeeding—and that dream could likewise be around “nurturing” a brand-new project or goal, Dr. Barrett says.

5. You"re taking treatment of who IRL and also it"s draining you.

On the an adverse end the the spectrum, you can dream the caring because that a brand-new baby or breastfeeding since someone in her life is “sucking you dry,” Dr. Barrett notes. Perform you have a friend who takes up every one of your emotional space or is making use of you in other ways? This kind of dreaming might be the means your brain is handling that situation you’re going through.

When the comes down to it, dreams are kind of a tangled net of emotions and slivers of memory or scene your brain has recorded.

“One that the things about dreams is that they’re loaded with emotions,” Dr. Pelayo says. Part sleep professionals suspect that desires are a means for our brain to reset memories and also emotions; we collection so numerous memories throughout our lives, memories that are frequently tied to emotion, that our brains ultimately have to decide what to remember and also what to forget. They additionally have to decide just how to attach these memories together.

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“The points that make you laugh, and especially the points that do you scared, the mind has to take this new information and also connect it to prior memories that you have,” Dr. Pelayo explains. “This connecting that old memories with new memories is done offline in the dreaming world.”

No matter what friend dream about, it"s at some point up come you how you analyze it.

A little recap: “Babies can represent the new: brand-new endeavors, brand-new relationships,” Dr. Barrett says. “Or, they can represent the vulnerable or immature component of the dreamer.” For one more individual, pregnancy or babies in a dream could be a clue come something as straightforward together a desire because that a child.


“Only the dreamer"s very own associations have the right to tell exactly what the dream symbol means in a particular case,” she says. Therefore ask yourself, do ns wish for this or fear this? What in my waking life feels choose the baby in the dream? This can assist you dissect what it can mean (if it method anything at all).

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Are pregnancy desires really bothering you? think about grabbing a pen and starting a dream journal. Eventually, friend may have the ability to spot patterns in between your real-life emotions and also your desires and much better interpret the significance.

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