Deonne Dickerson, 36, pictured with his four-year-old boy Isiah Nasir Dickerson, who fell 15 feet right into the Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla civilization exhibit (Picture: Enterprise)

The four-year-old boy who dropped into a Cincinnati zoo gorilla pit – bring about Harambe gift shot dead – has actually been pictured because that the first time.

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On Sunday, a 400lb 17-year-old lowland gorilla was shot dead ~ zoo keepers feared for the security of young Isaiah Dickerson.

Kids have actually fallen into gorilla enclosures before – and the animals weren’t shotPolice are currently investigating the incident, which znjke.comuld lead to possible charges for his parental Michelle Gregg, 32, and also Deonne Dickerson, 37.

The fatality of the animal has provoked angry online, with witnesses explain Harambe was exhilaration protectively end the young boy.

MORE : guy who raised Harambe indigenous birth claims gorilla’s fatality is ‘like shedding a household member’

Harambe, a 17-year-old gorilla to be shot dead in ~ the Cincinnati Zoo (Picture: Reuters)

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Video taken from over the enclosure shows how Harambe, a 17-year-old 400lb lowland gorilla, gets increasingly agitated together onlookers shout loudly.

The gorilla is then checked out pulling the boy into shallow water, putting an arm around his back and climate holding top top the children hand.

Dr Sharon Redrobe, chief executive of Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire, claimed the fatality was ‘tragic’ but added that the zoo had actually little choice but to take it action.

Gorilla was ‘trying znjke.comme protect’ four-year-old boy before it to be shot dead, states witnessShe additionally revealed why the zoo executed the gorilla – rather than just tranquilising it.

‘The zoo keepers had actually a life and death case on their hands and they would have actually known the plot of the animal much better than anyone.

‘The truth they left the case for 10 minutes before firing the final shot shows they would have tried everything they znjke.comuld to obtain the masculine gorilla to go into the within enclosure away from the boy.’

Michelle Gregg and Deonne Dickerson have received fatality threats due to the fact that the incident

Regarding the incident, the mother of a boy who dropped into a gorilla enclosure this weekend – leading to gorilla Harambe gift shot dead – has spoken out, saying: ‘accidents happen’.

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Michelle Gregg said: ‘As a culture we are quick to judge exactly how a parent can take their eyes off of your child and if anyone to know me I keep a tight watch on my kids.

‘Accidents happen but I am thankful that the right civilization were in the right location today.’

MORE : parental of son who fell into gorilla pit have actually received death threats due to the fact that Harambe was shot

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