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“Will accumulate all who check out it to transcend the fear of death and also live richer and also deeper lives.” — Raymond Moody, MD, author of Life ~ LifeJoin Robert Moss for an unforgettable journey that will increase your feeling of reality and confirm the there is life past death and also in other dimensions that the multiverse. Moss describes how he live a whole life in another world once he died at age nine in a Melbourne hospital and how he died and came back again, in an additional sense, in a situation of spirituality emergence during midlife. Together he shares his adventures in walking between the worlds, we begin to know that every times — past, future, and parallel — might be easily accessible now. Moss presents nine tricks for living consciously in ~ the center of the multidimensional universe, embracing synchronicity, to chat our an imaginative spirits, and communicating with a greater Self.

“Moss (Dreaming the Soul earlier Home) is an extraordinary guide to dreams and also dreaming who likewise knows the power of storytelling. While not an autobiography, his publication includes many personal stories and also memories that sell rich fodder because that the imagination....His capacity to normalize the idea the communication and also movement between this world and the next through story, and to display how reality is layered and also time is fluid, is sublime....Reading this publication is choose embarking ~ above a guided mystery tour with the past, present, and other human beings — and discovering the potential to change one’s own life, and also a path to transform the world.”— Publishers Weekly (starred review)“Robert Moss’ extraordinary life story, told through beauty and passion, confirms the there is life ~ life and also will inspire all who check out it to transcend the fear of death and also live richer and also deeper lives.” — Raymond Moody, MD, author of Life after Life“Sumptuous language, lush imagery, and terrific narratives...Moss is a captivating storyteller with an eye for detail, possessed of impeccable timing....Those seek their own answers may uncover a feeling of direction, deep healing, or a glimmer of insight to assist guide castle on their own an individual metaphysical quests....It’s a rarely talent that have the right to infuse the magical with the mundane in a manner that lends actual weight and volume to your narratives. Moss not just possesses it, he wields it v masterly precision....Believer and also skeptic alike will find that time spent with Moss will be enjoyable and also perhaps life-changing.”— ForeWord“The Boy that Died and Came earlier is a masterpiece. Captivated native the very first page, I might not put the publication down. Robert Moss is the consummate guide to this cool multiverse in which us live.” — Bonnie Horrigan, author of Red Moon Passage “This wonderfully written publication by Robert Moss shares the impressive story of his life and also adventures in nonordinary realms. The teaches us about dreams, the multiverse, and also death and also shares powerful teachings come wake united state up to a new awareness of simply how countless paths us walk v the seen and unseen worlds.” — Sandra Ingerman, MA, writer of soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth“Robert Moss is a weaver that worlds. In this book, he entwines the shamanic through the classical, the mythological with the historical with gold-threaded prose. He mirrors us how mindful dreaming deserve to lead us into the non-space-time areas of the within universe, where all things are associated — from every little thing time, place, or reality. Moss’ publication is a superb illustration of the restless, exuberant imagination of consciousness.” — Julia Assante, writer of The critical Frontier“This is a thrilling an individual account the the farthest reaches of human consciousness. Robert Moss reflects us the our psychic is much more than physical, that it is not limited to the here and now. Being boundless in an are and time, the is immortal, eternal, and soul-like. Moss proceeds to be one of our best explorers the consciousness. The is the rarest that authors who brings hope and meaning to every reader.” — Larry Dossey, MD, writer of One Mind“The Boy who Died and also Came ago is a fascinating travelogue of visionary journeys right into nonordinary realities.

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The affluent spectrum of these amazing adventures in consciousness ranges from near-death experiences, memories of ahead incarnations, lucid precognitive dreams, encounters v spirits and also archetypal beings, and stunning synchronicities, to shamanic experiences of psychospiritual death and rebirth. Robert Moss’ unique ability to navigate these experiences; usage them as sources of inspiration, healing, and also spiritual insight; and integrate them into his daily life renders this publication an invaluable guide for people interested in self-discovery, spiritual quest, and learning around the nature the reality.”— Stanislav Grof, MD
, writer of beyond the Brain, Psychology of the Future, and also When the difficult Happens