According to World News day-to-day Report, A redheaded boy is suing his parents for $2 million for being ginger.

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But, is the true?

The story goes:

It ain't simple being green… or red apparently.

At the very least according come Liam Murphy, a 13-year-old boy who is suing his parents for $2 million because that being born a ginger in a "Wrongful Life" lawsuit.

While many a redhead is bullied and made fun of, hair shade isn't precisely "chosen" through the parents, kid. Don't castle teach scientific research in junior high?

Sure, the parents room both redheads too, however if they were satisfied enough with your strawberry topped resides to lug a new one into the world, can't this freckle-faced teen learn something native them?

But no, the teen states they planted a "voluntary prejudice" ~ above him with the really probable chance that his life would certainly be a shear misery thanks to his carrot topped cranium.

For his recessive burden, the child is asking for $1.35 million in "pain and suffering" and also $800,000 on top of the for his "loss of enjoyment the life."

At just 13, this kid should be a actual punching bag because that his classmates. Probably he can run come the drug store with his allowance and also grab a box of brunette hair dye and also go about living amongst the various other humans.

His lawyer, James Franklin O'Conner (a ginger too, maybe?), is confident about winning the case citing scientific data about the genuine social troubles redheads must deal with on a continuous basis. Rejection, surname calling, and the choose were all points Murphy's parents "knew" would happen, yet they procreated anyway.

The point is, the parental don't also have this sort of money, also if Murphy wins the case. Dad is an electrician and mom is… wait for it… a hairdresser! A ginger hairdresser – and also clients actually permit her to style their dos there is no the fear of "cooties" or cross-genetic contamination.

So.... Is that true or fake?

C'mon now!

As Snopes point out out, this story is faker than Kendall Jenner's lips.


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