HIGH POINT — A 4-year-old kid shot self in the head Sunday night after ~ finding the pistol under a couch cushion, High suggest police claimed in a news release.

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Officers found the young lying top top the life room floor, experiencing from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound come his head.

Officers started rendering assist to the child and also transported him to High Point regional Hospital, where he later passed away from his injuries, according to the release.

Detectives interviewed human being at the scene and learned that several adults, consisting of the homeowner, 30-year-old Cindy V. Gibson-Harris, were having dinner, play cards, drinking alcohol and also smoking marijuana, police said.

The boy was left unattended in the life room where he discovered the gun and also shot himself, follow to the release.

A search warrant was obtained and also officials located two additional firearms, multiple firearm accessories, ammunition, marijuana and cocaine, police said.

Gibson-Harris to be charged with felony possession that cocaine and also maintaining a dwelling for the usage of controlled substances. She to be being held at the High suggest jail under $25,000 secured bail.

The child"s mother, Jasmine E. Fagan, 29, the High Point, was arrested and charged through felony kid abuse. She was being organized at the jail under $50,000 secured bail.

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