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Attaining the Eagle location is frequently the end goal that a scout. That looks great on a resume and also shows commitment come a routine over an extended span the time. Actually, just like each rank development before it, the Eagle location is a significant advancement milestone, but not the culmination of scouting.

After reaching Eagle, a reconnaissance can proceed to earn merit badges and also be rewarded through an Eagle Palm for each 5 extr merit badges.

Eagle Scouts can additionally continue come lead and also guide the troop or adjust focus to help Cub Scouts come to be Scouts; maybe end up being Junior Assistant Scoutmasters, helping the Scoutmaster with tasks to boost the troop; or look for worthwhile endeavors outside of scouting come which castle can use their scouting background. there are many ways an Eagle enlightenment can proceed to add to and also receive indigenous the Scouting program.

Download the most recent Eagle enlightenment Application type This application have the right to be to fill in online by the Eagle candidate.

rank Requirements: Be energetic in your troop because that at least six months as a Life Scout. As a Life Scout, show Scout spirit by living the enlightenment Oath and also Scout Law. Tell how you have done her duty come God, how you have actually lived the scout Oath and also Scout law in your day-to-day life, and how your expertise of the enlightenment Oath and also Scout law will guide your life in the future. Perform on your Eagle reconnaissance Rank application the names of people who recognize you personally and also would be ready to administer a referral on your behalf, consisting of parents/guardians, spiritual (if not affiliated with an arranged religion, climate the parent or guardian gives this reference), educational, employee (if employed), and also two various other references. Knife a complete of 21 merit badges (10 more than required for the Life rank), consisting of these 13 merit badges: (a) an initial Aid, (b) Citizenship in the Community, (c) Citizenship in the Nation, (d) Citizenship in the World, (e) Communication, (f) Cooking, (g) an individual Fitness, (h) Emergency Preparedness OR Lifesaving, (i) eco-friendly Science OR Sustainability, (j) personal Management, (k) swim OR hiking OR Cycling, (l) Camping, and (m) household Life.You must pick only among the merit badges noted in category h, i, and also k. Any additional merit badge(s) earn in those categories may be count as one of your eight optional merit badges provided to make your total of 21. ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ while a Life Scout, serve proactively in your troop for 6 months in one or an ext of the complying with positions that responsibility:
Scout troop: Patrol leader, assistant an elderly patrol leader, an elderly patrol leader, convoy guide, bespeak of the arrowhead troop representative, den chief, scribe, librarian, historian, quartermaster, small assistant Scoutmaster, chaplain aide, instructor, webmaster, or outdoor values guide.
Venturing Crew: President, angry president, secretary, treasurer, den chief, historian, guide, quartermaster, chaplain aide, or outdoor values guide.
Sea scout Ship: boatswain, boatswain"s mate, purser, yeoman, crew leader, media specialist, specialist, den chief, or chaplain aide.

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Lone Scout: leadership responsibility in her school, religious organization, club, or in other places in her community.
while a Life Scout, get involved in a Scoutmaster conference. Successfully complete your board of review for the Eagle enlightenment rank. In ready for your board the review, prepare and also attach to your Eagle enlightenment Rank applications a statement of her ambitions and also life purpose and a listing of positions hosted in your religious institution, school, camp, community, or other organizations, during which friend demonstrated leadership skills. Incorporate honors and awards received during this service. (This requirement might be met after age 18, in accordance with guide to development topic

________ If a Scout has actually a long-term physical or psychological disability, the reconnaissance may come to be an Eagle enlightenment by qualifying because that as many required merit badges together their capability permits and also qualifying for alternative merit badges because that the remainder. An application for alternative Eagle Scout compensation Merit Badges kind must also be used. Check out the Eagle enlightenment Rank alternate Requirements

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