THE abc sitcom young Meets human being aired indigenous 1993 come 2000 and also is quiet beloved by pan to this day. 

The display followed the life of Cory Matthews and that that his friends and also family, and the series even obtained a spinoff that featured his daughter, Riley Matthews, the aired indigenous 2014 to 2017.

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What go the young Meets World cast look prefer now?


Many the the cast members of boy Meets civilization continued acting and appeared on the spinoff series, Girl Meets WorldCredit: Getty

A big part that the very nice of the show was that characters.

Ben Savage play Cory, while will certainly Friedle played his enlarge brother, Eric Matthews.

Rider strong was Cory’s best friend, Shawn Hunter, and also Danielle Fishel play Topanga Lawrence, v whom Cory famously mutual an epos sitcom romance.

Later, Trina McGee and also Matthew Lawrence were added to the show to pat Topanga's ideal friend and Shawn's girlfriend Angela Moore and also Shawn’s long-lost larger brother, Jack Hunter, respectively. 

Finally, wilhelm Daniels shown George Feeny, Cory’s teacher and neighbor, as well as his principal and professor afterwards in the series. 

Each has gone on come act in various other roles to varying degrees of success or have obtained up to other job-related and tasks in their resides after young Meets World.

Ben Savage


Ben Savage is still acting and also directingCredit: Getty

Savage visited Stanford University and also earned a bachelor's level in political scientific research after his time on boy Meets World. 

He guest-starred on series like Bones and Without a Trace prior to landing a role on Girl Meets World, wherein he again play Cory, who had actually grown up to be a history teacher and also father the two. 


Will Friedle has actually done a most voiceover workCredit: Pacific Press/LightRocket via Ge

Friedle has actually done a most voice work rather of on-camera work because he to be on the alphabet series. 

He to be the voice of Batman on Batman Beyond and Ron Stoppable ~ above Disney Channel's Kim Possible.

Friedle likewise appeared ~ above Girl Meets World and also reprised his duty as Eric.


Rider strong has done part directing workCredit: Getty

Strong was thought about quite the TV heartthrob when he was on young Meets World. 

After the show, he to be briefly top top Pepper Dennis on The WB, and also wrote and directed the short film, ireland Twins, v his brother, Shiloh Strong. 

He proved up in number of episodes of Girl Meets World and also directed a couple of installments the the series.

Danielle Fishel


Danielle Fishel continued to be in the spotlight by certification in and directing different projectsCredit: Getty

Fishel play Topanga, Cory’s girlfriend, ~ above the series, and also the couple is still quote as one of those perfect TV pairs. 

After boy Meets World, she starred in a couple of other projects and hosted The Dish for the format Network from respectable 2008 come March 2011. 

Today, Fishel has done some directing that Disney Channel shows choose Sydney come the Max and also Raven's Home. She, too, reprised her boy Meets World role on the spinoff series. 

William Daniels

William Daniels is a prolific actor and continues to occupational in TVCredit: Instagram

Daniels has a ton of exhilaration credits under his belt. 

In addition to an appearance on Girl Meets World, he’s been on Grey’s Anatomy, Boston Legal, and The Closer in current years. 

Trina McGee has actually done part guest appearances and lives in CaliforniaCredit: Getty

McGee has actually made a couple of guest appearances top top TV roles because Boy Meets World, and has directed 2 projects: Detainment and Confessions that Isabella.

She additionally showed increase in one illustration of Girl Meets World. 

According come IMDB, McGee right now lives in the mountain Fernando Valley v her three kids.

Matthew Lawrence is still acting and showed increase on his brother's sitcom, Melissa & JoeyCredit: Getty

Lawrence joined young Meets world in season 5, play Shawn’s brother and also Eric’s ideal friend. 


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He likewise starred in the 2001 movie Jumping Ship v his siblings, Joey Lawrence and Andrew Lawrence.

He was on a couple of episodes of Melissa & Joey and likewise appeared ~ above one illustration of Girl Meets World.

Today, he is married to skilled dancer Cheryl Burke.

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