young Meets World: 5 personalities Who got Fitting end (& 5 that Deserved More) young Meets people focused on a core group of friends and family. Some characters got fitting endings at the finish of the show, while others did not.

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The show Boy Meets World focused on Cory Matthews as he readjusted from a boy into a man. Along with his finest friend Shawn, and his girlfriend Topanga, they skilled the highs and also lows the the civilization together. While Shawn never had an easy life, he had solid relationships with Cory and also his family.

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Meanwhile, Cory had a much more easy-going lifestyle. The did not have to worry around things the same way Shawn had actually to. Together the display progressed, it expanded to additionally focus top top Topanga, Eric, and other friends together well. Once the collection ended, while some characters got an ending that was fitting to them, others deserved more.

Ben Savage together Cory Matthews and Rider strong as Shawn Hunter in boy Meets World
Cory Matthews to be confused around life native his very first moment ~ above screen. At first, he to be a young boy that wanted to cave out with his ideal friend and cause trouble, even though he was a kind child at heart. However, together he prospered up, Cory matured. After getting in addition to Topanga, Cory fell in love through the principle of an everlasting love.

While falling deeply in love was component of his journey, therefore was knowledge that love doesn"t always last. Sometimes, world grow apart, and also as lot as it hurts, that is not always salvageable. However, that would not prevent Cory from loving Topanga with every little thing he had and would not let anything protect against him from having the future v her that he knew they would have.

Jack joined the display at the beginning of its fifth season as Shawn"s fifty percent brother. While it took part time because that Shawn and Jack to warm up to every other, Jack also had a near friendship v Eric. However, when Rachel McGuire was had in the series, component of Jack"s storyline was specialized to fighting Eric because that Rachel"s attention. In the collection finale, Jack chose to go into the peace Corps through Rachel.

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Unfortunately, Jack go not continue to have solid relationships v his friends. Girl Meets World revealed the after going far to sign up with the peace Corps, Jack had eventually left and lost contact with several of his friends. He may have actually lost touch with Shawn together well, however that is never ever referenced either.

Topanga was constantly meant for large things. Even in the early days the the show, it was clear the Topanga had a glowing future ahead of her. Therefore, it was no surprise that Topanga would excel in high school and would go on to excel in college.

Topanga had a means with people and quickly gained a well-paying project shortly after her marital relationship to Cory. Later, Topanga was offered the chance to proceed her search of a law degree. Topanga"s an option to move uproots Topanga, Cory, Shawn, and also Eric from their life in Pennsylvania to see what awaits lock in brand-new York.

7 Deserved More: Rachel McGuire

Rachel had strong relationships with Eric and Jack. If she eventually becomes close through the rest of the gang, her two male roommates room her initial near friends. However, since Rachel met lock after they had actually fallen right into a rhythm, she admitted come feeling choose an outsider in your group. "The War" emphasized Rachel"s feelings as someone that did not feel choose she was on the inside.

Rachel detailed that everyone else has actually a straight bond (life-long friends, husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend, brothers) that she go not have with any kind of of them. While they do job-related it out, it is unclear how long she ongoing to continue to be in contact with anyone various other than Eric.

Shawn did not have actually a happy upbringing. In between his shaky partnership with his father and his mom leaving, Shawn heavily relied top top Cory to be his family, miscellaneous Cory was delighted come be. When Shawn did obtain bursts of joy throughout the series, he mostly has angst in his storylines. Although Shawn"s connection with Angela could have developed, Angela left to join her father, leaving Shawn alone. Shawn continued his journey through his friends to new York.

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While it may not have been a happy ending, that fitted because that his character at the time. Luckily, fans got to check out Shawn acquire a happier ending in Girl Meets World, whereby he happy married Katy Hart and also became a father number to her daughter, Maya.

5 Deserved More: man Turner

The last time Johnathan Turner was seen on Boy Meets World, he was lying in a hospital bed, unconscious from a motorcycle crash. As he lies in bed, Shawn speaks to Turner, telling him the Shawn needs him, and also he has to wake up.

However, Turner never appears in Boy Meets World again. Stewart Minkus briefly mentions him concerning having remained in a different component of the school. Shawn never discussed speaking with Turner after the accident. Because Turner had actually been a father number to Shawn, it was odd that Shawn had not pointed out Turner again. Luckily, Turner"s fate was revealed in Girl Meets World once he shows up alive and as the Superintendent the Schools.

Eric was never ever sure of specifically what he wanted to execute with his life. Therefore, Eric moving to brand-new York v his friends v an unlimited variety of possibilities suited him most. Eric did not have a job set up for when he acquired there, and never pointed out going ago to school for any kind of reason.

However, Eric walk not have actually a factor to stick roughly his hometown anymore, and moving on appeared to be his best option. In Girl Meets World, Eric"s fate is revealed. He ended up being Mayor of St. Upid Town and also was later chosen Senator.

3 Deserved More: Angela Moore

similar to Shawn, Angela to be a victim the hardship. She mother had actually left, and Angela only had actually her military father to count on. If Angela did not store her partnership with Shawn, she likewise did not remain in touch through anyone else. Over there is no referral to Angela talk on the phone or sending out letters and also emails to her friends. Instead, she leaves, never looks back, and is no heard from again till "Girl Meets Hurricane."

Angela appears in Girl Meets World come ask Shawn"s opinion around Angela gift a mother. Your interaction, along with her and Cory"s, do it seem as if they had not seen or spoken to each other due to the fact that college. Even after one episode committed to proving why they must all stick together, many of them went separate ways.

Mr. Feeny to be Cory, Shawn, and Topanga"s teacher from 6th grade to college. He had actually a means of making everything make sense and also comparing it come history. Mr. Feeny may have been the main person everyone went to for advice. For the most part, Mr. Feeny acted together a guide to the younger characters, helping them do their means through life.

It made sense that Mr. Feeny"s ending would encompass giving Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and also Eric one last piece of advice prior to they went out to check out the world. He would have a lasting impression on Cory, Topanga, Shawn, and Eric.

1 Deserved More: Morgan Matthews

Morgan never had the same amount of display screen time together the rest of she family. She finished up being more of a elevator character than at the forefront, specifically when the period gap in between her and also Cory began to show itself. Morgan deserved the chance to be an ext involved in the show, specifically for someone who was claimed to it is in a key character.

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Given that at the finish of the series, Morgan was about the age as Cory to be at the start of the show, it could have been interesting to check out what direction Morgan looked to it is in heading.