With its feminist voice and hard-hitting themes, Girl Meets people has proven to be a worthy extension of the top sitcom young Meets human being . Currently in its third season, fans are loving Maya and also Riley’s solid relationship values and the show’s timeless coming-of-age feel, which resonates with OG BMW lovers. In addition to familiar themes that young love and life from the Disney hit, viewers have actually been delightfully surprised to see familiar deals with on the display screen as well. Along with Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel, who star in the reboot, many of the original cast members have paid ode to the present by return to cameo on Girl Meets people .

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By now, you understand that the present focuses ~ above Cory and Topanga’s young daughter Riley in new York City, whereby the crew relocated to in the BMW finale. If Cory and Topanga started a life of their own all these years later, ride-or-die BFF Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong) shows up in the show and also his half-brother Jack (Matthew Lawrence) and also his father’s spirit, Chet Hunter (Blake Clark). The Matthews clan, consisting of Cory’s dad Alan (William Russ), mommy Amy (Betsy Randle), and also brother Eric (Will Friedle) return together well, and also you far better believe the voice of factor Mr. Feeny (William Daniels) is appropriate there through ‘em.

Check out the guide below to check out which episodes you can find your favorite characters in.

Season 1

Episode 1: william Daniels (Mr. Feeny)


Mr. Feeny"s cameo is brief, yet that doesn"t typical it isn"t perfect. His voice-of-reason visibility is so strong, it comes out of a poster to talk to Cory.

Episode 7: Lee Norris (Stuart Minkus)


Cory and also Topanga"s long-lost institution rival Stuart "Big Brain" Minkus returns together Farkle’s father, who, of course, fires up competition with Topanga.

Episode 12: Danny McNulty (Harvey "Harley" Keiner)


The man Adams High bully became John Quincy Adams middle School"s janitor who gives lessons come the guys in his returning episode.

Episode 13: Danny McNulty


Harley has a an excellent talk with Riley and her friends, admitting he was a bully (especially to Cory) and also explaining why he"s currently so fond the Cory.

Episode 16: wilhelm Russ (Alan Matthews) & Betsy Randle (Amy Matthews)


When Cory and also Topanga hold their first-ever household Christmas, you far better believe mama and also papa Matthews are there come celebrate.

Episode 16: Rider solid (Shawn Hunter)

The holidays also brought the reunion the the initial three best friends, and also now I"m crying.

Episode 18: driver Strong

When an illustration starts with Uncle Shawn posted up top top the living room couch, you recognize it"ll it is in a an excellent one.

Season 2

Episode 1: william Daniels

At the end of the episode, Mr. Feeny pops up favor spring flowers once Cory calls him to gain that comfort we can constantly depend on that for.

Episode 4: william Daniels

Don"t you know by now, guys? even when he"s not there, Mr. Feeny is always there.

Episode 4: driver Strong

Uncle Shawn is back and Topanga doesn"t even shot to get in between his bromance v Cory. Naturally.

Episode 5: will certainly Friedle (Eric Matthews)

Cory"s brothers Eric reemerges as Plays-With-Squirrels, and also we wouldn"t have had actually it any kind of other way.

Episode 7: Danny McNulty

With the help of Harley, Cory checks up on Maya and shares few of his life wisdom to aid guide she in a time the need.

Episode 8: rider Strong

The girls ask Uncle Shawn for part advice, and also you have the right to just imagine just how that plays out. This episode additionally shows Shawn"s romantic side.

Episode 8: Blake Clark (Chet Hunter)

Shawn"s deceased father comes earlier in Shawn"s mind to give advice just when he needs him most.

Episode 8: Trina McGee-Davis (Angela Moore)

Shawn and his ex reunite and also catch up like old times, bonding over their deceased fathers.

Episode 9: will Friedle

Paying it front comes complete circle in this episode, when Tommy, the orphan Eric took under his wing together a boy, returns together a politics activist who at some point helps Eric once he runs for senator of new York. Feels for days.

Episode 9: Danny McNulty

In the heart of politics, Harley speak Cory the he desires to sit in on a course to learn around decisions made at the school, primarily taking care of budgets.

Episode 10: Anthony Tyler Quinn (Jonathan Turner)

John Adams High"s hunky teacher comes ago for simply one episode, and is obviously quiet the coolest.

Episode 13: will Friedle

In this episode, Eric takes his big, negative government position an extremely seriously.

Episode 13: Matthew Lawrence (Jack Hunter)

Shawn"s bro and also mega babe Jack return to reunite with BFF Eric, and also the two space goofier than ever. Obviously.

Episode 15: Lee Norris

In this episode, Stuart and Topanga bond over parenting problems.

Episode 15: Kristanna Loken (Jennifer Bassett)

In this episode, Minkus has a hard time as soon as he loser his money and is forced to find out (and teach his son) about money"s actual value.

Episode 30: Lee Norris

While Riley and also the corridor think around how they want to leaving their mark, those that came prior to them aren"t forgotten.

Episode 30: Danny McNulty

Even Harley is flattered once he learns around the affect he"s made on the kids.

Season 3

Episode 6: driver Strong

Riley and Maya undertaking off to watch Uncle Shawn to however again gain some that his unequaled life advice.

Episode 10: driver Strong

Which, obviously, Mr. Feeny is a component of.

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While we"re still in the middle of season 3, I have actually a emotion there many are an ext epic cameos to come. And, no matter how much time passes, favor Mr. Feeny, BMW nostalgia will never acquire old.