The fatality was startling even to the coroner: a boy just 8 year old apparently killing himself in his Cincinnati bedroom.

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Now Gabriel Taye’s January fatality is being re-examined after ~ it arised that he to be bullied and knocked unconscious at institution two days before he died.

Hamilton county Coroner Lakshmi Sammarco’s office has ruled Gabriel’s fatality a suicide, but she said last week the she was reopening the investigation to re-examine the boy’s injuries and also whether there to be contributing components to his death.

“It was really hard because that me to think that an 8-year-old would even know what it method to walk suicide,” Sammarco said.

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Suicides are rare among children for this reason young, but not unheard of. Statistics native the us Centers for an illness Control and Prevention present an average of 14 suicides per year nationwide among children 10 or younger since 1999. That compares to over 1,400 per year amongst 11- to 18-year-olds.

At 8, youngsters generally are simply coming to understand death, says Dr. Luigi Kraus, chief of boy psychiatry at Rush university Medical facility in Chicago. Conceiving of ending their very own lives deserve to be even an ext remote.

“It’s possible, however at this young age, it’s really uncommon,” Kraus said. Also if a child has actually an idea of suicide, “many youngsters this young yes, really don’t conceptualize the permanency that what they’re doing and what can happen.”

Experts anxiety that at any kind of age, self-destruction is a complicated decision that frequently reflects a combination of life events and also psychiatric problems, even if it is diagnosed or not.

Warning signs can be harder to read in young youngsters than older people, claimed Dr. Alec Miller, chef of child and also adolescent psychology at Albert Einstein college of medicine in brand-new York. But while kids might not have the vocabulary to comment on depression, it still could show up, probably as a change in actions or complaints around aches or exhaustion with no physics explanation, Kraus notes.

Gabriel had actually no history of mental wellness issues, stated Carla Leader, a lawyer because that his mother, Cornelia Reynolds. World who knew him describe him together a happy-go-lucky boy — “a an extremely loving small boy who always had a smile on his face and also would carry a smile to your face,” said Carolyn Emery, whose youngsters went to institution with him.

Gabriel to be at school Jan. 24 when, as seen on a choppy surveillance video clip the Cincinnati windy Schools mechanism released Friday, he supposedly tried to shake hands with a young who had actually hit another child. Attorneys for Gabriel’s mother said the boy driven Gabriel into a wall, knocking the unconscious.

An assistant principal arrived around 4½ minutes later to look at him. The school device said the it to be “concerned around the length of time that (the boy) put motionless and also the lack of adult supervision at the scene” yet that administrators complied with protocol by having the nurse evaluate him. School officials said the boy told employee he had actually fainted and also never claimed he had been bullied or assaulted.

They claimed school administrators asked Reynolds to get Gabriel and also take him come a hospital. However her attorneys speak she decided on her very own to pick him up and also take him to the hospital after her sister, who was babysitting if Reynolds was at work, called to say that Gabriel had actually vomited and was complain of stomach pains. Physicians concluded the likely had a stomach virus and also sent that home.

Two days later, Gabriel hanged himself in his bedroom through a necktie, authorities said.

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According to she attorneys, Reynolds didn’t learn of the schoolhouse confrontation until her attorneys gained a copy that a police investigative document that defined the surveillance video.