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– It to be a chaotic after-school fight scene Monday afternoon that included an entire family, who space now facing felony charges and also accused of attack on a 76-year-old good grandmother.

On Monday about 3:20 p.m., policemans were dispatched to the area that Northwest 112th Place and NW 87th Street after a call about a fight v injuries.

The mother of a 15-year-old young is viewed on video clip being punched. The 12-year-old aggressor and his parents, determined by Doral police as Michael Jason Laboy and Natalie Laboy, were working with each other to win up she son, the woman said.

“They space animals. That is basically what castle are,” stated the mother of the boy, who included her son had actually been bullied through the various other teen at school. However, the alleged aggressor called police he had been verbally abused by the 15-year-old.

During the problem on Monday, Natalie Laboy is recorded on camera slamming, slapping and pinning the boy’s great-grandmother come the ground.

A police report of an account that what happened proclaimed that the 76-year-old mrs was waiting with the alleged victim’s sister because that the boy to get out the school.

The 15-year-old claimed he witnessed a white Nissan with tinted home windows that was sitting in a parking point out and, as quickly as castle walked by the vehicle, he claimed the 12-year-old jumped the end of the car and also tackled him to the ground.

While they were fighting, the boy stated that Michael Laboy and Natalie Laboy both exited the car and also began “kicking and punching that in the head.” together the 76-year-old great-grandmother tried to break up the fight, Natalie Laboy pushed her come the ground, the woman said. She said police the Natalie Laboy “grabbed her by her hair, got hold of both of her arms, and also in the process, she nails dug right into her forearms. . . "

The victim told neighborhood 10 News her whole body hurts and showed united state the cut on she arms. She voice quivered and she held earlier tears, telling neighborhood 10 News: “That was an evil deed. Why did they need to do that?”

Natalie Laboy said that throughout the altercation it to be the great grandmother who was “pulling her son’s hair.” She claimed that she to be “trying to pull the mrs away from she son” and that she dropped to the ground v the yonsi woman.

The teen victim said that the dispute started at school as soon as last week, Laboys’ son threatened come “rape his sister” that is 12 year old.

“I think mine mistake is no calling the police when the child threatened come rape mine daughter,” the mom of the alleged victim said.

The Laboys told police that it to be the victim who has been bullying your son. Natalie Laboy said police the her son had actually told her the on Friday, Sept. 17, the alleged victim punched her kid in the mouth and also threatened him. She said the other boy’s mother had texted she inquiring about what had taken place, however she “did no reply because she was extremely upset.”

The 12-year-old and and his parents are now dealing with aggravated battery charges.

The children are students at Dr. Rolando Espinosa K-8 Center. The altercation occurred away from college grounds and also after school, however, Miami-Dade ar Public institutions released a statement about the event after a request about the event from local 10 News:

This video is extremely upsetting come watch. Miami-Dade ar Public colleges works diligently to encourage core values such together respect and also integrity amongst students. We urge parents to carry out their component by acting responsibly and serving as an excellent role models for their children. Students are likewise reminded that an adverse behaviors may an outcome in life-altering consequences. This issue will be dealt with administratively and also the students involved will be disciplined according to the password of college student Conduct.

Afternoon report

Video captured on a cell phone mirrors two parents and their child in one altercation through the boy"s classmate and his 76-year-old great-grandmother.

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