Does heaven really exist? according to Colton Burpo, it definitely does and also he knows due to the fact that he’s been there. 

When Colton was 4 years old, he experienced a burst appendix and also was admitted to the hospital because that emergency surgery. Colton suffered through a number of complications and also even his doctors thought that he wouldn’t make it, however miraculously, he traction through. 

A couple of months later, however, Colton started making strange remarks to his family about things that he claimed he had actually seen in heaven during his surgery. At first, his parents believed it to be strange, but when Colton started to disclose details about his family members that the couldn’t have actually possibly well-known at such a young age, his parental agreed that he must have actually actually went to heaven. 

You can watch the movie adaptation that Colton’s story called Heaven is for Realwhich is streaming on Netflix. But after watching, you might ask yourself: What happened to little Colton all these years later?


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PLANO, TX - APRIL 10: The Burpo family, (L come R) Sonja, Cassie, Todd, Colton and also Cole (front) attend the Dallas global Film Festival people Premiere the TriStar Pictures' "Heaven Is for Real" at Cinemark West Plano, April 10, 2014 in Plano, Texas.

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For Todd and also Sonja Burpo, Colton’s surgery was one agonizing experience. Not just was their kid in crucial condition once he to be admitted, yet it additionally took number of days for him come recover, throughout which time his distraught parents assumed he to be going to die.

Thankfully, Colton make a full recovery and was able to go home. Yet a few months later, Todd and Sonja noticed the their child was make some really unusual claims for a 4-year-old. 

Colton talked around how, once he was in surgery, angels sang come him, and he even got to sit top top Jesus's lap. Every one of this appeared strange but in line v what he’d to be taught in church. However, Todd and Sonja were taken aback once Colton likewise mentioned the he met his enlarge sister, who Colton had never met because she had passed away in a legacy years before he to be born. 

“The lord directs the steps of the godly. ⠀ he delights in every information of your lives. ⠀ despite they stumble, they will never fall ⠀ because that the mr holds climate by the hand.” ⠀ (Psalm 37:23-24)⠀ ⠀ This previous year has been crazy. God has actually been leading me in a direction that i didn’t arrangement for. He’s close up door doors in some locations while opening brand-new ones for my new season. I’m grateful for those who have actually been pouring into me and also helping me top top this journey of ending up being a mighty male of God. #21

A write-up shared by Colton Burpo (

To do matters stranger, Colton claimed that he had actually met his great-grandfather throughout his time in heaven, that had also died prior to Colton was born, and knew that his great-grandfather's nickname was “Pops.” additionally curious to be the fact that Colton claimed he observed his parents sitting in different rooms throughout his surgery, something that he couldn’t have actually known while being under anesthesia.

Colton appears to have actually graduated from victory College in 2019, and now stays in Eagle County, Colo.

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Since his heavenly experience, he likewise regularly travel to a many to urban like new York and also Los Angeles to spread out his story and also appear on television. He’s been on a variety of high-profile talk shows like Hannity through Sean Hannity and The Kelly File with Megyn Kelly, both ~ above Fox News.

Mid-May, Colton mutual a few Bible i on Instagram, including that "this past year has actually been crazy." "God has been leading me in a direction that ns didn't plan for," he said. "He's closed doors in some areas while opened ones because that my brand-new season."

In 2011, the family likewise established sky Is for genuine Ministries, whereby you can connect with the family, send in a prayer request, or publication them to speak at her church or organization. 

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