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AURORA, Ill. — There has been a feasible break in the situation of a missing Illinois young last watched in Wisconsin through his mommy eight years ago.

An Ohio police report derived by WITI said ~ above Wednesday, that officers discovered a 14-year-old boy that told police his surname was Timmothy Pitzen. He stated that he had actually just escaped from 2 kidnappers that had been holding the for 7 years.

A missing boy by the exact same name disappeared once he was simply 6 years old on might 11, 2011.


Timmothy Pitzen is the only child currently lacking from Aurora, follow to the National center for lacking and Exploited Children.

Amy Fry-Pitzen

Surveillance video captured the boy v his mom, Amy Fry-Pitzen, in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. Investigators claimed she picked him up from institution in Illinois and took him come the zoo and to Wisconsin Dells. She to be later discovered dead in a hotel room in Rockford, Illinois.

Authorities said she eliminated herself and also left a keep in mind saying Timmothy Pitzen to be safe and being cared because that by someone who loved the — yet he would never ever be found.

Police have actually said in the past there to be no evidence Fry-Pitzen harmed the boy — and also they believed he was still alive. Timmothy Pitzen would certainly be 14 year old now.

The boy who spoke come authorities explained the two males as white males with body builder-type figures. One had black, curly hair, wore a hill Dew shirt and also jeans and had a spider internet tattoo top top his neck. The other was short and also had a line tattoo on his arms.

He said the auto they were in to be a newer model Ford SUV with unknown Wisconsin license plates, through a 2nd row – white in shade with yellow carry paint and a dent on the left back bumper.

The boy indicated he escaped and also kept running across a bridge into Kentucky. He claimed they had been staying at a Red Roof Inn, yet he had actually no idea where.

Louisville FBI officials tweeted Wednesday the they are at this time working through national and also local authorities in Cincinnati, the Hamilton ar Sheriff’s Office and police in Aurora and Newport, Kentucky.

Police space working to determine the boy’s identity, and also figure out that the alleged kidnappers can be.

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FBILouisville and also
AuroraPoliceIL ~ above a lacking child investigation. There will certainly be no additional statement make on this matter until we have extr information.