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A 14-year-old Danish young doing research study for a background class discovered the wreckage of a German civilization War II aircraft with the remains of the pilot in the cockpit.

Daniel Kristiansen and his father, Klaus, uncovered what’s thought to it is in a Messerschmitt fighter plane buried in a ar on their farm near Birkelse in north Denmark.

“We went the end to the ar with a steel detector,” Klaus Kristiansen called “I hoped we might find some old plates or something because that Daniel to display in school.”

Instead, they found bits of airplane debris. For this reason they obtained an excavator native a neighbor and dug down seven or eight meters.


Grease pencil signature Eva & Edith discovered inside wing of P-47D Thunderbolt completed at Evansville, Indiana aviation tree in 1944

“At first we were digging increase a most dirt through metal pieces in it. Then we unexpectedly came throughout bones and pieces of clothes,” Kristiansen said. “It was prefer opening a publication from yesterday.”

Kristiansen remembered being told through his grandfather, that lived top top the farm during civilization War II, the a German plane had crashed there.

“We think the was about November or December 1944,” Kristiansen said. He recalled his grand once telling him that when the airplane crashed, he to be making Christmas cookies through Kristiansen’s grandmother and also his uncle, who was a young young at the time.


however he additionally said his grand had told that the German occupying pressure had eliminated the plane. “I mainly thought that was just a great story,” Kristiansen said.

Karsten Kristensen, superintendent in ~ the North juckleland Police, claimed authorities think the plane is a Messerschmitt fighter plane. One explosive ordinance team is now working at the site to secure any ammunition or other dangerous materials.

The curator at the historical Museum of northern Jutland, i beg your pardon now has the pilot’s possessions and the remains of the plane, trust his team will soon have the ability to confirm the masculine identity.


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“We discovered the pilot’s papers, and I think we have actually a name,” Torben Sarauw, curator and head the archaeology at the museum, said.

Sarauw to trust the pilot come from the training base for German pilots in Aalborg, a nearby city. Together with the pilot’s suit, hat and three unused condoms, they additionally have his wallet, which had two Danish coins and some food stamps because that the canteen at the Aalborg base.

“It’s quite a distinct find,” Sarauw said. He believes it’s the very first time a German airplane has to be found hidden in this means in Denmark.


Kristiansen really hopes that the pilot’s relatives have the right to be found and also the continues to be returned come Germany. “Maybe he can have a ideal funeral,” he said.

The German Embassy has been educated of the discovery, the police superintendent said.

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