Bloomington, MN (KROC am News) - It’s been just over 2 years as soon as a horrific story started in Minnesota.

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A man grabbed a 5-year-old young at the mall of America and also threw him turn off a third-floor balcony.

The young young survived but faced many surgeries and also a long recovery period.

A family friend has provided periodic update on the development of the boy known as Landen. She composed the latest upgrade this previous Monday, the 2nd anniversary that the virtually deadly incident:

APRIL 12, 2021by young name Hanneman, OrganizerTwo years ago, our household suffered one unimaginable tragedy at the hand of a stranger. Us are frequently asked come ‘share our story’ around that day and also our journey since. We know civilization are curious and also want come hear about our sweet boy and our family, yet that is no something we are all set or able to carry out at this time.

It has actually been a lengthy journey to this two-year anniversary, and it will continue to it is in a long road that mental, physical and emotional recovery and healing – for Landen and our entire family. Us are, however, therefore thankful come the Lord that Landen is through us and also our household is whole.

We additionally want to thank every one of you who proceed to pray for us each and every day. You proceed to give us hope and also show united state the Glory of God’s an excellent love below on earth.

Landen Hoffman remained in the hospital for four months, where he underwent multiple operations, including surgeries because that two damaged arms and a damaged leg, removed of his spleen, measures for liquid in his lungs and stomach, and also for facial and also skull fractures. He additionally had a stent inserted in his liver.

A GoFundMe site that was established for Landen and also his household has raised much more than $1-million.

The man who threw the boy pleaded guilty to attempted murder and was sentenced come 19 year in prison.

News update: an additional night that confrontations in Brooklyn Center.

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