Yes, believe it or not, this particular day I’m going to take you bowling in ~ The White House! Well, actually, us will execute this vicariously with my DC dwelling son who has actually friends in every the ideal places. I’d like to go in his pair of shoes one day. Well, his bowling pair of shoes anyway.

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The White residence Bowling Alley is a two-lane bowling alley located in the basement of The White residence Executive Building.

Bowling lanes were first built in the floor floor the the West Wing together a birthday gift for President Truman in 1947. That first bowling alley was located in the location of the present-day case Room. Truman didn’t treatment for bowling himself, but enabled his staff to start a league. In 1969, President and also Mrs. Nixon, both avid bowlers, had a new one-lane alley built and also paid because that by friends, in an secret area listed below the driveway leading to the north Portico.

Richard Nixon in the Old executive Office building Bowling Alley in 1970

In much more recent years George shrub made use of the facility, as, I’m told, did president Obama.

Photographs of Presidents bowling heat the wall surfaces of what is referred to as The take care of S. Truman Bowling Alley.

A display situation houses White residence Bowling Alley memorabilia. It shows up that they even have main White residence bowling balls & pins.

When you walk bowling in ~ The White house there’s no should come equipped, as bowling shoes of every dimension are in ~ the ready.


President Trump motivates the use of the bowling alley through members of congress & his prompt staff (my son’s friend is Jared Kushner’s right-hand-man), that may also invite their friends to walk bowling at The White House. Thus the illustrious possibility afforded to mine son, who was kind enough to share these photos with me. You recognize it’s amazing just how the 30-something young people like my son, who began working ~ above Capitol Hill ~ finishing college around 10 years ago, now hold crucial positions in government. I never quite imagine what an excellent opportunities would certainly be the result of sending my boy off to university in DC.

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But, judging by the scoreboard, he’ll must brush increase on his game prior to he is invited back for bowling in ~ The White House. Fine actually, it does look choose he’s in 2nd place.

So over there you have actually it: BOWLING at THE WHITE HOUSE

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