Shad "Lil Bow Wow" Moss was one of the most talented entertainers come hail from Ohio long before Trippie Redd started representing the Buckeye State. At the period of 13, he teamed up v So for this reason Def records head honcho Jermaine Dupri to relax his multi-platinum debut album, Beware of the Dog, in 2000. A series of chart-topping Billboard monitor followed, including "Bounce through Me" and "Bow Wow (That"s mine Name)," which featured his mentor Snoop Dogg. 

Moss could"ve ongoing on his search to conquer the charts, but, instead, the Growing increase Hip Hop: Atlanta star"s career take it an unforeseen turn as soon as he make the efforts his hand at being an actor and also TV personality. Hollywood was ready and also willing to take him seriously, and the gigs began to heap up, including a duty on HBO"s Entourage and also hosting duties top top BET"s 106 & Park.

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While most human being like to emphasis on his social media antics — such as the moment he lied around flying in a personal jet — there"s an additional side to this multi-talented star. He not just opened the door for other young artist in the music industry, yet his lengthy career"s contribute to the music human being are unparalleled.

How much do girlfriend think friend know about the "flyest thing walking with junior high school?" Let"s find out as we check out the untold truth of Lil Bow Wow.

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Before breaking right into the music industry, Lil Bow Wow to be a 4-year-old budding star who went through the moniker "Kid Gangsta," follow to The Telegraph. He was already getting his feet wet in the industry by landing modeling gigs, starring in tv commercials, and also showcasing his rapping an abilities whenever the opportunity arose.

It wasn"t until he to be 6 years old once the stars would align. Lil Bow Wow, his mom, and also his mom"s then-boyfriend to be attending Snoop Dogg"s The Chronic tour in Columbus, Ohio. Lil Bow Wow was selected to walk on stage and rock the mic, and his an abilities reportedly left Snoop Dogg "in awe," as reported by The Source.

Snoop Dogg crowned him through his new moniker — Lil Bow Wow — and invited the young young to finish off the tour as the concert"s opening act. 

Thanks come Uncle Snoop Dogg — together Lil Bow Wow affectionately calls that — he got his first taste of call at very early age, and his life would never ever be the same.

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We all have actually our own personal quirks, however Lil Bow Wow shows up to have an ext than most of us. He provided the low-down top top his food preferences in a 2015 attribute with Us Weekly, which consisted of 25 unknown facts about his life.

Some that his must-haves were quite tame, choose his love for seafood alfredo, sour Patch kids candy, and Hawaiian punch juice. However then, he added that he favored to eat "chocolate chip cookies without the chips." Bizarre.

That wasn"t wherein his weird food preferences finished though. That added, "I also love apple pie — there is no the fruit."

Thankfully, the rapper-turned-actor to know his means around the kitchen, and he has even recorded himself whipping up some tasty dishes native time to time. Whenever one of his weird food cravings kicks in, we"re sure he deserve to whip increase his chocolate chip-less chocolate chip cookies and apple-less apple pies in no time. 

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Since he had been a formidable pressure in the music world due to the fact that he exit his an initial album in ~ the age of 13, pan weren"t the least bit surprised as soon as Shad Moss experienced a little bit of burnout. The rapper announced in respectable 2016 the he to be officially retiring indigenous the music video game at the tender age of 29.

""Retirement only way that the is time because that a brand-new adventure" end 10 million sold. This the last one. Say thanks to YOU for the music journey!" his Instagram caption read, in part.

To his diehard fans, castle felt his farewell notice was a bit premature, while others didn"t blame him because that wanting to cave up his microphone for great once they realized he to be at tranquility with his decision. "Its <sic> a blessing to have actually made millions and can retire prior to 30. I average I"m exceptionally happy," the tweeted.

After his notice made headlines, it became apparent that Lil Bow Wow was simply bluffing — or maybe he just happened to change his mind. By the moment April 2018 rolling around, he was earlier in the studio, reinventing himself. "Decided to name my album "EDICIUS" its self-destruction backwards... The definition means ... To lug yourself ago from something. The name represents relentlessness, coming earlier for more even ~ death. Left the old me and woke increase a new ME," he tweeted.

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After the rumor mill got in a flurry v whispers the the "Let Me organize You" artist had fathered a son with a dancer named Joie Chavis, Lil Bow Wow took to his official website, Bow Wow Today (via Billboard), come not only confirming the rumors but to provide a somber update. "For the past 3 years ns been batteling <sic> life. Even thought around taking my own," the wrote, prior to adding, "I felt favor as a kid I walk everything and also saw every little thing too quick which spoiled my adult years."

No wonder he has actually continuously flirted through the idea the bidding the sector adieu — choose the time in April 2018 when he admitted he was fed up through the press. "In advance...... WE have the right to CANCEL EVERY INTERVIEW. Idgaf. I prefer talking to the people who issue my fans. Thats it. I"m no answering your questions. They don"t give a f**k around me," he composed in the subtitle of an Instagram video.

Let"s recap: due to the fact that he competent so lot at together a young age, he ended up being desensitized, which destroyed his adulthood. That wouldn"t it is in the an initial child star to battle with these feelings, though. Thankfully, that would continue to provide interviews complying with his rant around the media and also a an extremely special addition to his life would bring about a confident change... 

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Some have referred to as Lil Bow Wow corny, arrogant, and brash, however others observed him in a brand-new light following the 2011 bear of his daughter, Shai Moss.

After saying his daughter "sparked a plug" in him, the told The urban Daily, "I think prior to my daughter i was definitely doing this and also that, out running around. Ns think that"s why world look in ~ me in different way now even my fam is like, "wassup girlfriend don"t plot the same." I got a little me below now."

He additionally believed his all at once personality had actually done a swift 180. "I certainly had an attitude change, an mindset adjustment. I"m much more serious now. Nobody continues to be the same forever," the said.

Becoming a dad at the age of 24 expected he had an additional priority in his life, and also the emphasis was no longer on him. He composed on his main website (via Billboard): "I felt together if I had actually no function to live (Thinking selfishly) till god provided me the illest gift of my life."

We"ve seen him flex his acting chops in 2011"s Madea"s huge Happy Family and also on CSI: Cyber. There"s no doubt Shad Moss has overcame something plenty of child stars have failed come do: that made the change from a young superstar to a bonafide, grownup entertainer. And also he did so seamlessly. 

Having impressed united state on the large and little screens, he told The urban Daily, "I end up being the character. I"ve never had actually an acting coach, I never ever really setup on having one. Ns just always figured exhilaration was supposed to come natural."

Seasoned entertainers may give him the side eye for bypassing timeless acting lessons, however Lil Bow Wow isn"t entirely versus rolling increase his sleeves and putting in some work-related for the ideal role. "I think the only time I will prepare because that a movie is when it"s something out the box choose if I had to speak through an interval or something," the said.

It was Snoop Dogg (pictured, left) who gave Lil Bow Wow his huge break when he was just 5 year old. The "Gin and also Juice" rapper even featured Lil Bow Wow top top his critically acclaimed 1993 album, Doggystyle. Then Jermaine Dupri stepped in to authorize him come his so So Def records label, which officially propelled the pint-sized artist right into superstardom (via the New York Post).

Despite having been guided and mentored through two influential entertainers in the industry, Lil Bow Wow said The urban Daily in 2011, "I think it"s difficult for anyone to offer me advice, I"ve to be doing it because that so long. I"m sort of like a young veteran myself. What these rappers do, I"ve excellent it 3 times." 

But if he had to choose one person to proceed to go to for advice, the rapper claimed Snoop Dogg is his main man, introduce to the veteran artist together his "Hip-Hop OG."

Lil Bow Wow was elevated by a single mom, and also he continued to live under the very same roof together her as newly as 2015, follow to People magazine. But he constantly missed having actually a father figure in his life, so, in July 2017, he invited his estranged dad, Alfonso Moss, to be featured top top an episode of Growing increase Hip Hop: Atlanta. "The idea the me talk to him was playing in mine head for so long," that told theGrio. "I to be gonna carry out it anyways, since I require it for my life."

He and his dad — whom Lil Bow Wow explained as an alcoholic — attempted come repair their relationship, and also Lil Bow was appeared an extremely forgiving. "I just wanted the to recognize I don"t hate him. Ns outgrew that part. Once I had actually a kid and I"ve proficient some points with me and also my daughter"s mom and how we rock, ns kinda taken why can have the ran out or why the wasn"t approximately or why that left," he common while stating the heart-wrenching episode.

After his dad admitted the he hadn"t stopped drinking, we weren"t too surprised to find out that the rapper wasn"t ready to completely allow him come be existing in his life. "Even to this day, the reaches out however we quiet don"t talk. I"m cool," he said.

Lil Bow Wow has actually made several references to self-harm over the years, but many didn"t establish just exactly how badly he to be struggling till his 2016 interview with VladTV.

The rapper admitted that, after the release of his 2003 album, Unleashed, his life take it a turn. "I was in a dark space. ... Right around the 3rd album, that"s when I was simply done," that said.

The feelings of despair didn"t wane, and, by the time March 2018 approached, the Lottery Ticket actor appeared to be in ~ his break point. "Sometimes i REALLY wish I never existed... I deserve to never carry out S**T RIGHT even WHEN im DOING RIGHT! Im better off," he wrote in one Instagram caption.

With the April 2018 announcement that his forthcoming album would certainly be entitled EDICIUS, which is "suicide" spelled backwards, fans came to be increasingly concerned around his wellbeing.

If you or anyone you understand is having suicidal thoughts, please call or conversation online v the nationwide Suicide avoidance Lifeline in ~ 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Shad Moss, or Lil Bow Wow, teamed up v R&B singer Omarion in 2007 for a cooperation album entitled Face Off that peaked at no. 2 top top the Billboard top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. In spite of the joint venture being a musical success, points weren"t so rosy in the rapper"s life.

Lil Bow Wow took to his Instagram in September 2018 come share a clip native the Face Off bonus DVD that consisted of behind-the-scenes footage from the make of the album, including a clip the the rapper exhilaration a bit off-kilter.

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"Kids this is why drugs room not cool! ns was so protected they never wanted the reality out. Ns was high off lean EVERY job EVERY second of my life if doing this album with
omarion," the wrote, in part, in a caption over ten year after the relax of the footage.

He also admitted that he was "high and sick" before one performance and was compelled to cancel a show in Chicago. At the time, his public connections agent apparently told the public he was dehydrated, however the artist claimed he was in reality "f***ed up dying in the hospital," adding, "My body had too lot codeine in it."

He ended his inscription with part sage advice come his specialized fans: "STOP THE DRUGS avoid THE PILL POPPING. We want you here."