Katniss Everdeen, the reluctant leader the the revolution in “The Hunger Games,” has readjusted bows as frequently as she’s changed wardrobes. (Kidding!)

But seriously, Jennifer Lawrence’s popular character and also expert archer has actually switched bows several times during the series. Those transforms started v “The Hunger Games,” once she shooting two different bows. In “The Hunger Games: catching Fire,” Jennifer Lawrence sported a Hoyt Buffalo. And also the mystery of the “Mockingjay” bow has actually been solved: J-Law is shoot a Savannah bow indigenous Martin Archery’s Damon Howatt line.

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Lance Irving, chief Sales & Marketing Officer at Martin Archery, states the bow is lightweight, simple to use and also – in his opinion – has actually the ideal look and feel because that the blockbuster hit.

“We are extremely honored to have one the our most popular classic bows selected by the ‘Hunger Games’ team. From what we understand, they want to go for a different look and also feel and have Ms. Lawrence’s input native a shootability standpoint in the final installment the the movie and our Savannah confirm all the boxes,” proclaimed Irving.

Katniss’ Bows: An Evolution Fit because that a Revolution

Katniss Everdeen’s very first bow, a longbow, shows up in the beginning of “The Hunger Games” as she hunts squirrels with Gale Hawthorne (Liam Hemsworth). Katniss’ longbow is do of wood, and also appears come have added material on its peak limb. Us asked Olympian man Magera, a devoted barebow shooter, what it could be.


“It appears they tried come re-create a reasonably common fix you view on many Native American bows,” Magera said. “When a limb emerged a crack, the aboriginal American would certainly wrap that part of the limb v sinew – tendon from a mammal – to save it from breaking. It is my ideal guess. If i were in her shoes in the movie, and my limb started to crack, I’d carry out the exact same thing, so it’s somewhat realistic.”

As the movie progresses, Katniss it s okay her next bow indigenous the Cornucopia of doom (OK, maybe a little dramatic), which transforms out to be a whitish-gray recurve bow. Again, Katniss shoots barebow-style: just the bow, one arrow and also the bowstring. Us presume she has some type of a remainder to host the arrow in place, or maybe she’s shooting turn off a feel or hair pad ~ above the bow shelf, which would make sense for a barebow archer.

In “Catching Fire,” however, our wake up revolutionary makes one more equipment change, this time to the Hoyt Buffalo and Easton X-7 Eclipse arrows.

Mike Luper, vice president of sales and also marketing because that Hoyt, explained: “The Hoyt Buffalo… currently had a movie history, since Hawkeye shot that in ‘The Avengers’ movie. The movie’s director, prop master and also actress all had actually input in choosing the bow for ’Catching Fire.’

“The Hoyt Buffalo was built to be a high-end searching bow because that anyone who wanted to shoot a lightweight timeless bow the was straightforward to carry and had standard traditional lines,” Luper continued.

“The limb-pocket system decreased the pack on the riser by 40 percent, a unique architecture Hoyt introduced three or four years ago. Because that 2014, the Buffalo bow will be offered with a silver riser and also black limbs, just like the one Katniss shoots in ‘The Hunger Games.’”

So why the readjust for “Mockingjay?” Apparently, it every came under to what the props crew needed.

Martin became involved with the movie when the prop house referred to as looking for quality classic bows. Martin apparently sent a couple of bows for consideration, including an extremely customized Savannah, v a attract weight of much less than 18 pounds. The very nice of the irradiate poundage to be the capability for the prop shop come short-string the bow in stimulate to usage the lighter four to create different aesthetics.

In many parts the the movie, viewers will watch the bow having a very long brace height which helps the bow achieve the look at of a recurve/longbow hybrid. It’s noted, however, that individuals shouldn’t try that trick in ~ home: boy name Archery recommends using the traditional string length to safely achieve maximum efficiency and performance.

This is no the an initial time a young name Archery bow has actually been used on a big stage. A Damon Howatt Hunter was supplied to aid light the Olympic torch at the 1992 Barcelona games. Additionally, martin Archery bows have been provided in films and shows such together Rambo IV, Dukes that Hazzard and also Killing Season.

“Martin is happy to help contribute to the ‘Hunger Games’ collection and really hopes that the ongoing featuring the bows in popular culture will drive further expansion in the archery industry by drawing human being of all ages and also from all demographics come this an excellent sport,” finish Irving.

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If we check out Suzanne Collins’ “Mockingjay” book, we understand that Beetee Latier – ar 3 tribute and also brilliant scientist – crafted a bow just for Katniss, v a fairly nondescript figure but an extremely special capabilities: that communicates nonverbally with her. Is this the very same bow that Katniss uses to take the end a Capitol hovercraft through explosive arrows? find out at a theater close to you.