Safe, residential, and full that families, the top West side is positioned between main and Riverside parks in Manhattan. Take it a look in ~ the best boutique many hotels on and around Broadway, among the neighborhood’s significant thoroughfares.

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Industrial chic meets jazz-age cool in ~ the beautiful designed NYLO brand-new York City top top the top West Side. Think: exposed brick walls and visible waiting ventilation mixed with leather tufted sofas and a dimly lit, subdued atmosphere. The in its entirety vibe is upscale cozy. The hotel"s three restaurants space each remarkable in their own right and also there is a wonderful library off of the lobby. The end terraces ~ above the 14th and also 16th floors provide sweeping see of the Hudson River, central Park, and also Midtown skyline. In ~ 291 rooms, NYLO is much larger than what we generally deem a "boutique" hotel, yet its beautiful high-design style, renowned restaurants, cool lobby bar, and also well-curated art arsenal make it the number-one boutique hotel in the neighborhood, despite its size.

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Dating earlier to the mid-1890s, the realm is one of new York"s oldest hotels, and its above rooftop neon sign and traditional entrance keep that nostalgia. But the hotel"s interiors call a different story. Outfitted with bohemian velvet seating with leopard- and also zebra-print pillows, heavy bronze curtains, and modern chandeliers that resemble crash cymbals, the wide-open, two-story lobby looks prefer a classed-up however low-key pad perfect for liberated, 1960s jazzbos.Guest rooms have the exact same sexy, sophisticated allure of the general public spaces, with dark yellow walls, Deco-like sunburst mirrors, and coffee-colored accents. However, they"re lot smaller 보다 the rooms in ~ NYLO, and also loaded through sneaky fees (both many hotels impose a fee for in-room Wi-Fi, yet Empire charges for Keurig coffee, while NYLO walk not).