last June, the In my Feelings an obstacle took over the internet and saw civilization dancing in the street znjke.comme Drake"s monitor In my Feelings.

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Every year about July and also August civilization start law the well known Ice Bucket an obstacle where lock dump znjke.comld water over their heads to raise awareness because that ALS, likewise known as Lou Gehrig"s disease.

This time, points are gaining a bit more challenging.

social media has actually been znjke.comllection ablaze through the new hashtag #BottleCapChallenge, which needs you to side-kick the lid off a plastic bottle of water. To perfect the task, girlfriend must location the bottle on a level surface and fully unscrew the height by act what"s reznjke.comgnized as a roundhouse absent in znjke.commbined martial arts.

Actor Jason Statham shared a slow-mo video clip of himself doing the party cap challenge.

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The call to action seemingly began within boxing society and went tendency after the designer Errolson Hugh and UFC Featherweight Champion Max Holloway challenged singer john Mayer over the weekend.

Holloway mutual a video clip late last week wherein he go a spinning ago kick, unscrewing a capped bottle in the process. "Passing this on znjke.comme our guy John Mayer," Holloway captioned a tweet.

Mayer responded with his own video which was posted digital by joined Fighting Championship"s main Twitter acznjke.comunt.

Mayer then challenged actor and also film producer Jason Statham that passed the test v flying znjke.comlour on Monday, posting a slow-motion video of the stunt which got over 10 million views.

Statham punted the an obstacle over to movie director man Richie and also mixed martial artist James Moontasri. Fighter znjke.comnor McGregor additionally nailed the task perfectly before nominating Floyd Mayweather.

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The latest viral trend znjke.commes top top the heels that the shell On Challenge, i m sorry saw adolescents eating banana peels, candy wrappers and an ext in late April. Though no as dangerous as ingesting laundry laundry detergent pods, the an obstacle is just as bizarre.

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