I've had actually my nostril, tongue, belly button, lot of ear cartilage, & a couple of unmentionables pierced.

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What Is a sleep Piercing?

When girlfriend hear about a nose piercing, possibilities are you think of a nose piercing, i m sorry is the most common, or a septum piercing, which is the second most common and looks choose a bull ring in between the nostrils. You'd be exactly on both counts, as either form falls right into the classification of "nose piercing." In enhancement to the nostril and also the septum, there space several other variations of piercing that have the right to decorate the nose.



Standard nostril Piercings

The traditional nostril piercing is a an extremely tiny adornment typically done v a small, 20-gauge needle. Although it is usually constantly pierced v a stud, after the wound is done healing (it normally takes about 4–6 weeks), the jewelry have the right to be replaced with a various stud or a hoop if girlfriend so desire.

I have had my nose pierced twice. The very first time I had to take the stud the end for work and also then lost it so the hole closed up; ns then gained it re-pierced critical year, and I deserve to honestly say it heals the quickest the end of any type of piercing I've experienced—and I've had quite a few: tongue, ship button, lot of ear cartilages, and a couple of unmentionables. As well as ears, a nostril piercing is the easiest to transaction with, and also the body tends to take very well come the jewelry.

Variations on standard Nostril Piercings



Double nostril Piercing

A variation on the conventional nostril piercing is the double nostril piercing, whereby both nostrils are pierced. Corresponding jewelry is generally worn in both holes.



High nose Piercing

High nostrils are a nose piercing the is generally done much higher up, towards the leg of the nose. Once a high nostril piercing is an unified with a dual nostril piercing, the an outcome is an upper nostril piercing. Still v me?



Septum Piercing

A septum piercing, likewise called the bull-ring piercing, goes with the sleep septum in ~ the middle of the nose. Follow to bmezine.com:

"The nasal septum is the cartilaginous tissue dividing wall between the nostrils. Generally, the cartilage itself is no pierced, yet rather the tiny gap between the cartilage (also recognized as the "sweet spot") and also the bottom of the nose."

The septum is generally pierced v a 14-gauge needle and can take as much as 1–3 month to heal completely.



Gauged Septum

Some civilization are fond the stretching, or gauging, your septum piercing. If gauging is a common technique in the piercing world, extreme stretching of the septum can develop an unsightly dropping effect.


Gauged Nostril

The same tactic of extending or gauging is sometimes used to nostrils as well.


Nasallang Piercing

A more extreme form of nose piercing is the nasallang, a mix piercing that is composed of a pair of nose piercings with a septum piercing at the very same level located between the two. It shows up to be every one piercing once worn with a barbell once in fact it is three separate holes.

This contents is accurate and also true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and also individualized advice indigenous a standard professional.

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Ellie-jay on July 07, 2015:

I just acquired my septum pierced yesterday and I've gained to be honest it pains I know the piercer supplied septum clamps which might be the factor for the pain yet yeah the was no painless in the slightest. My most has actually been prefer 'running' ns don't really understand it's prefer it's running the end of one nostril since and also I require to recognize if this is typical or not?! say thanks to you x

taurus ~ above February 14, 2013:


You could wanna usage a moisturizer or oil on it. I like jojoba or vitamin E oil.

Ginger on march 14, 2012:

I've had my septum pierced for about 9 month now, I had no problems with it at first, it healed very quickly with small discomfort. Recently though, I've noticed it beginning to feeling sore. The feels really tight and also dry and also hurts as soon as I touch the guideline of my nose. It doesn't obtain crusty anymore, however it walk get little dark goopies top top it. Ns rinse it off with heat water in the shower daily. Should I be doing something an ext or differently? Is it starting to reject??

Anonymous. ~ above January 20, 2012:

Please don't confused stretching and gauging. They space not interchangeable interchangeable terms.

Gauging is a unit of measurement, while extending is the action of stretching the tissue in between the measurements. "Gauging" is a slang term, and while anyone knows what you mean when you use it, it yes, really discredits her article.

On an unrelated note, ns was feather over few of the comment posted, and I have but one point to say...


chocolate septum ~ above December 25, 2011:

hey obtained mine done a few days ago doesn't pains at every kinda provides me desire to change it already lol it feeling healed the leg of my nose doesn't hurt or nothing and also im a 14 g she3 pierced it in ~ that and my sleep is really proportionate i realize ppl with vast nostrils obtain this done or large noses however mine fits my challenge pretty well and also i cant see the hole just thing that shows are prefer 2 tiny sliver tips and i upper and lower reversal it up ns feel nothing sometimes i forget it there lol the pain is prefer pulling a hair native your nose or scratching the inside of your nose v your nails

Bee top top November 01, 2011:

I yes, really wanna obtain my septum pierced. Ns think that looks awesome and it's straightforward to hide also (not plan on telling the whole world) . However I have a problem.

My sleep is yes, really turned up so ns don't recognize if it'll look great on me? will certainly it stick the end or anything. I've just seen that on people with directly noses so.. My nose is quite thin and also in the front the looks cute only sideways it's a problem.

Please provide me advice .. Thx

jennyhebb top top November 01, 2011:


hi ime 13 and i got my nostril pierced around 6 or 7 mainly ago.. I had actually to pierce my nose again myself as the inside closed up when the stud dropped out in mine sleep. I had actually the exact same problem, i can get the stud right into the hole,although when i felt inside it wasn't walking through.. I could just feeling the finish of the stud,through mine skin, i have to put my finger top top the inside whereby i could feel the stud & moved on the external to push it in,it doesn't ache atall:)hope ns helped.

and if i have had my nostril pierced for 6 mainly (7 in 5 days) then just how long will it be until i can take it out and it not close up?thanks.

-AND to ANYONE WORRIED about GETTING THEIR nostril PIERCED,DON'T BE worried ATALL. EVERYONE,AND I typical EVERYONE! COMPLAINS that ITS THE many PAINFUL thing TO get PIERCED as IT IS so CLOSE to THE EYES.. NO, DON'T listen TO THEM. I gained MY nose PIERCED WITHOUT learning IT to be THE many PAINFUL thing TO acquire PIERCED and I came OUT without MY eyes WATERING SAYING the MY EAR LOBES pains MORE.. & my PAIN yongin IS REALLLLLY LOW. IT hurts ME to JUST get A SPLINTER OUT. Currently DOESN'T the SAY SOMETHING?!?!?!?.

JonisaJollyRancher top top October 20, 2011:

hello anyone :o im piercing mine septum

the need gose v i have the right to feel the pointy next of that lol. But how with does need to be ? because the ring wont go in the various other side

k.meenakshi on respectable 06, 2011:

hai sunandhini u r an excellent to accept husbands wish it provides u r life an ext love and sacrifice i too got 2 septum and also 2 nostril from my husbands hand

sunandhini on might 02, 2011:

My husband pierced my septum v a needle automatically after my marriage and also a neylone wire passed with the whole and tied to ago side to my ears, favor we placed nose cable to cattles. Currently he is planning come pierce both side of mine nose and also a new whole in mine septum to hang a septum jewellery so that the reminder of my nose will certainly be put more downward. Though i was scarred in ~ the first pierce, now I feeling comfortable with a life in ~ nosewire. Since my husband is more exited to check out me in nosewire and also is verymuch interested in playing v it.

margarita on march 07, 2011:

so i do all of my piercings and im thinking about doin a second nostril piercing ~ above the very same side is there any type of tricks come it? ns don't wana gain too close come the various other one.

Taurus on march 03, 2011:

Get yourself a tenpenny nail and also a brick. Bump your nose versus something solid, like a support beam or a railroad trestle and hit the nail right into whatever part of your challenge you desire it. If you're lucky and also you struggle it hard enough, you can not just pierce it, yet hide that from mummy too! climate you two deserve to go to the bookstore together to choose yourself increase a book on the english language!

Valetina Cilia ~ above February 22, 2011:

I Would prefer To Pierce my Nose however I My mom Doesn't let Me So ns Would favor To Know how To Pierce that On Myslef and Then Hide the . Thaankss :) x

James on February 08, 2011:

I'm v Taurus on that one, it yes, really does every revolve approximately the time you have actually the extended hole and of course dimension you walk to. I had actually my septum pierced in ~ an 8 gauge, knowing that i was going come stretch it, and it's at a 2 currently. I've had it because that 3 years, and also I can take it out for a a while and it won't walk anywhere.

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As a side note to every you youngins obtaining into piercings. I have pierced myself, together have countless of you I'm sure. Carry out NOT, ns REPEAT, do NOT pierce yourself. There is a reason behind people being licensed to pierce. And also when it concerns your nose, especially your septum. You carry out not want to mess through chance. There space a the majority of nerves that operation down the center of your face, and also you can seriously damages yourself. You can read this and make every the ignorant comments you want. However I'm simply trying to save a pair of girlfriend from make stupid mistakes.