One that the most commonly performed plastic surgery actions is ship tuck surgery. Although many patients who undergo surgery are happy with their results, some might not it is in satisfied v their look at post-surgery. Whether you recently underwent tummy tuck surgical treatment or it has actually been years because your very first procedure, a revision might be essential to create—or recreate—the look girlfriend want. Dr. Dubrow is a renowned plastic surgeon who is experienced and skilled in performing revisional ship tucks, and he has helped plenty of patients correct unsatisfying or botched outcomes.

Reasons for a tummy Tuck Revision

With just about any procedure, outcomes are long lasting but not permanent. Many plastic surgical treatment patients will certainly decide to experience a an additional procedure for different reasons, together as:

Unfavorable scarring: Although there is scarring linked with surgery, sometimes, the operation scar is placed in an too many revealing location, the scar does not heal properly, or the patient neglects to care for their surgical incision.Pregnancy: the is very recommended that a mrs waits to undergo ship tuck surgical treatment until she is finished having actually children. However, in the occasion of pregnancy post-tummy tuck, the original results might change, which could require a revision to correct. Weight gain: Sticking to a healthy and balanced diet and exercise regimen is crucial after tummy tuck surgery. Some patients might experience unwanted weight acquire that reasons changes in their tummy tuck results. Unsatisfying outcome: The surgeon may not have completed the patient’s desired tummy tuck results. Patients may still have too lot excess fat and skin or weak ab muscles that call for a second procedure. It is crucial that patients go into surgery through realistic expectations and be totally open v their surgeon around their goals beforehand. Infection: Infection is among the complications the can change the surgery outcome or the as whole healing the incisions, i m sorry can create unappealing cosmetics results.

No issue the factor for revisional surgery, Dr. Dubrow can perform her tummy tuck to help you accomplish the outcomes that ideal fit her body and goals. Relying on your anatomy and area the correction, he will style a personalized surgical treatment plan. Patient may additionally choose to undergo complementary measures such as liposuction to boost their physique.

If you are interested in a ship tuck revision, schedule your consultation with Dr.

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