From Rajee’s cement face implants come the pair Lucy and Anna that were crushed to uncover their chest implants weren’t specifically symmetrical, Botched has seen part exceptionally shocking before-and-after plastic surgical procedure transformations. Dr. Terrycloth Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif aid hundreds of civilization with your corrective plastic surgery services, though they’re not afraid to revolve away a patient whose risks outweigh the services of a certain procedure.

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“I realize there are 10 plastic surgeons on this block who’ll run on you, yet I advise you to have realistic expectations,” Dr. Dubrow, 59, has actually said of saying no to patients “Stop do the efforts to be perfect. Plastic surgical treatment is simply a way to become a better version of yourself. World will say to me: ‘Do I need this?’ mine answer is ‘No. You absolutely don’t need any of it, uneven you have actually a major deformity it is affecting girlfriend socially."”


Rajee Narinesingh, "The Cement-Faced Woman."

When Rajee concerned Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif searching for surgical help for the "black-market cement" injections in her face, the docs weren"t sure if the nodules in Rajee"s challenge were operable. ~ undergoing actions with the Botched docs (and showing up on the present three separate times), Rajee"s face has to be rejuvenated, the nodules largely gone!



The 30-year-old wanted lips choose Angelina Jolie, but a rogue plastic surgeon who enabled the nurse come inject Keara with silicone left her lips unable to close. Throughout the years, Keara"s lips retained swelling. The doctors revealed Keara had occurred granulomas, then resolved her lips.


Twins Lucy and also Anna

Lucy and Anna are identical twins who have actually spent hundreds of dollars to undergo surgery that provides them watch even more identical. However, as soon as the twins uncovered their boobs weren"t the same, lock sought help from Dr. Nassif and also Dr. Dubrow to achieve exact symmetry.


Albert Nila

Born v Poland Syndrome, a bear defect the only having actually one chest muscle, Albert seek surgical assist in Mexico, whereby a botched surgery almost killed him. Dr. Nassif and also Dr. Dubrow offered Albert a chest implant, because of this increasing the the opposite of Albert"s chest.


Her sleep was severely hurt in a motorbike accident in Italy 15 years before Luci seeking help from the docs. However things go awry throughout pre-assessment once Dr. Dubrow establish Luci had two mind aneurysms and also required an prompt procedure to conserve her life. ~ the surgery, she reverted to have her nose fixed.


Christina to be severely burned in a fire at just 10 year old. The burns left she jawline spring uneven. Also the restoration surgeries Christina had actually after the accident didn"t execute it for her. She dubbed herself "Ms. Potato Head," thanks to the much more square-jaw surgeries offered her after the fire. The Botched docs to be able to give Christina a less square, more natural-looking jaw.

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A scooter injury left George through a scar throughout his forehead and three eyebrows. But prior to Dr. Nassif can fix the scar and also realign the three eyebrows right into two, he had actually to implant tissue expanders right into George"s forehead. Dr. Nassif implanted two small bladders right into George"s forehead, pump them with saline for numerous weeks until the skin stretched enough.