Courtney is a big booty cutie that want to downsize she backside ~ above the recent episode that "Botched," yet Doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow's just suggestion to solve all the junk in she trunk was to amputate the entirety thing.

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The Miami resident called the doctors that she repeatedly gained butt injections in an effort to fix the symptom she was having from the second set the injections. After every the injections concerned an finish (bad pun), she had actually hydrogel injected into her buttocks a full of six times.

Dr. Dubrow defined that "Hydrogel is a synthetic polymer, referred to as polyacrylamide. I m sorry is a gelatin that, when injected into the body, attractive water and also gets incorporated into the tissue."

He continued to define that the incorporation of the substance have the right to sometimes cause "significant immunologic reaction" amongst other attention effects.


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Dr. Dubrow Won't Amputate

Dubrow has actually denied patient in the past and also only performs surgeries where he deserve to minimize the risk.

No Luck because that The Butt yet He solved Some Boobs

Although there to be nothing Dr. Dubrow can do for the twerker's messed increase butt, he to be able to deal with Michelle's means too big, saggy breast implants.

Michelle had actually the "mommy makeover" after ~ the birth of her two daughters yet her implants were much more than she asked for. "I was completely unhappy," Michelle claimed as she comprehensive that her botched surgery.

She obtained over 120 pounds before getting the gastric sleeve surgery. Michelle ended up shedding the weight yet was left with implants that were way too large and that sagged to her ship button.

Dr. Dubrow suggested that they shot a an approach that is thought about "experimental."

"If we puncture her implants and suck the fluid out, leaving the bag and also the foreign body in there, it's essentially permitting the tissue to chill and also to thicken," Dubrow explained. "Wait a little of time…and then in one stage, walk in take the implants out, near the bag off. Do whatever we need to do."

In the end, the doctor gave himself ripe gold stars and a beat on the ago for having actually a effective surgery the left Michelle a great pair that carry out not sag and that fit her body.

Terry makes Fun the Paul's guy Boobs

The interpersonal communication in between Dr. Dubrow and also Dr. Nassif is what off "Botched" from your day-to-day slasher flick but on the latest episode, Dubrow may have actually gone too far.

One of the show's segment featured Dr. Nassif showing his co-star a shirtless video clip of his golf swing.

"Why room you shirtless?" Dubrow asked upon automatically seeing the video.

Nassif described that he had actually just cleared up but then terrycloth zoomed in top top his gut.

"Are girlfriend kidding me," Dubrow joked, "you let yourself go."

The doctor ended up giving Nassif's video clip a score and also his ship did no score well.

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"Skill level 3, format level 2, yet the boobs room a 10," terry told the confessional camera.