New heat of Light and also Refreshing Wines bring Lower-Alcohol invention to Premium Three-Liter Box, the Top-Growing layout in Wine1

NAPA, Calif., Feb. 26, 2021 – Delicato family members Wines, producer that Bota Box, the sixth-largest wine brand in America by value2, announced today the beginning of Bota crate Breeze, a brand-new line that premium, 3-liter boxed wines under the Bota box brand crafted to be lower in calories, carbohydrates and also alcohol, while offering the superior quality and deliciousness the consumers suppose from Bota Box. The brand-new Bota box Breeze

hits keep shelves nationwide beginning in March through the advent of three varietal wines: A Pinot Grigio, a dried Rosé and also a Red wine Blend.

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“Consumers are searching for light and also refreshing alternatives to timeless alcoholic beverages, and also Bota box Breeze will certainly be the an initial such wines in different packaging,” notes chris Indelicato, CEO of Delicato family members Wines. “It’s an unmet need for consumers, and, together the industry leader in premium 3-liter box wines, Bota Box will certainly be tapping this desire in stimulate to grow the category.”

Consumer desire because that lighter options in the alcohol addict beverage group follows irreversible diet fads in food. According to market research firm wine Intelligence, much more than 40 percent the today’s wine consumers are picking lower-alcohol wines.3 sleeve data substantiate this finding: the U.S. Irradiate wine category grew 91 percent in 2020, follow to IRI.4

Bota crate Breeze wines align this transition in consumer’s diet choices with the popularity of premium 3-liter box wine, i m sorry is the fastest-growing format in wine5. Within this segment, Bota crate is the driver of group growth6; full depletions because that the brand grew an ext than 40 percent in 2020, to more

Strong customer Appeal Validated through Rigorous Testing

Rigorous experimentation with consumers proved that consumers find Bota crate Breeze wines strongly appealing. In research carried out with 3,500 alcohol drinkers, consumers that regularly acquisition alcoholic beverages that are lighter in calories and also alcohol reported strong purchase intent for Bota crate Breeze8. Bota crate Breeze Pinot Grigio and also Dry Rosé wines offer just 3.3 grams of carbohydrates and also 80 calories per serving, when the Red wine Blend supplies 4.3 grams that carbohydrates and also 85 calories every serving. All three wines have an alcohol level the eight percent. The wines are also low in sugar and gluten-free.

Consumers also found Bota box Breeze’s eye-catching package, which utilizes colorful colors and “light” and also “refreshing” cues, to be appealing9. The wine’s eye-catching graphic stand the end in shelf screens designed to drive visibility in ~ retail.

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The brand-new Bota box Breeze Pinot Grigio, dry Rosé and also Red alcohol Blend will certainly be available nationwide for a argued retail marketing price that $22.99 start in March. Every eco-friendly, 3-liter carton has the identical of 4 750-ml party of wine. For an ext information about Bota box wines, visit or


Delicato family members Wines is a fourth-generation, family-owned company founded in 1924 and has grown to be one of the U.S.’s fastest-growing top-ten wine companies. Delicato’s diversified portfolio of leading brands consists of Bota Box, Noble Vines, Gnarly Head, Z. Alexander Brown, black Stallion, 1924, three Finger Jack, Mercer Bros., Santa Rita 120 (Chile) and Schmitt Söhne family Wines (Germany). Transcendent Wines, Delicato’s Fine wine Sales & Marketing portfolio, contains such luxury brands as black color Stallion limited Release, Diora, Dobbes family Estate Wines and also Wine through Joe, in enhancement to imported luxury estate wines such together Schloss Vollrads, Franz Keller, and also Bischöfliche Weingüter (Germany), Casa Real and Triple C (Chile), and Torbreck Vintners (Australia). For much more information, visit