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If you’re planning a expedition to the Boston Tea Party Museum you have the right to save part money ~ above tickets with coupons and discount tickets.

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Tickets to the Boston Tea Party Museum cost $29.95 because that adults and also $18 because that children. It is a little bit pricey for a museum and if you going with a group or big family it can quickly include up.

Why not conserve yourself some money by taking benefit of several of the plenty of discounts available? The following is a perform of means to conserve money on Boston Tea Party Museum tickets through coupons and also discounts:

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Trusted Tours and also Attractions:

Trusted Tours and Attractions supplies discount tickets to the Boston Tea Party Museum. The discounts are obtainable for adults, children, seniors, students and members the the military.


Boston Tea Party pearls & Museum in Boston Harbor

In addition to discounted tickets, trusted Tours and also Attractions additionally offers two packages especially for human being who desire to watch the plenty of Boston Tea Party related sites in the city for one level rate: The Boston Tea Party ships & Museum and Old southern Meeting residence package and Old city Trolley and also Boston Tea Party Package.

The Boston Tea Party ships & Museum and Old southern Meeting home package allows you come visit both attractions for one flat price. This package is a an excellent deal if you space truly interested in learning an ext about the Boston Tea Party since while the Boston Tea Party took ar at a wharf close to where the museum is located, it very first began at a conference at the Old south Meeting House.

The Old southern Meeting House has a number of artifacts pertained to the event, which contains tea salvaged indigenous Boston harbor. Linked with the Robinson Tea Chest at the Boston Tea Party museum, this package provides visitors a substantial and comprehensive look in ~ the artifacts and historic locations of the Boston Tea Party.

The Old city Trolley and also Boston Tea Party Package enables visitors to visit the Boston Tea Party Museum and also to journey the Old city Trolley, i beg your pardon is a one hour and also 45 minute report tour roughly the city, and provides cost-free admission to the Old State home Museum and also a free 45-minute port cruise.

This parcel is a good deal due to the fact that you not only get to explore these good Boston background museums but you also get to check out Boston’s historical sites through the trolley and also the port cruise.

In addition, the Old city Trolley also serves as a hop ~ above hop turn off shuttle organization that will bring you directly to every one of these attractions so it likewise saves girlfriend time and money on transportation.

Boston Hometown Pass:

The Hometown happen Program allows some Massachusetts citizens to purchase one full fare adult ticket because that the Boston Tea Party Museum and also get another one free.

The full fare ticket should be purchased in ~ a historical Tours of America ticket booth or by calling the tour agency directly at 855-396-7433. Tickets have to not it is in purchased online and many not be purchase using any discounts or coupons.

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The happen also enables you to buy one complete fare ticket ticket for the Old town Trolley and get an additional one free.

To check out if you are eligible for a Boston Hometown Pass, sign up here:

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