Boston punched that is ticket in game 5 the the American league Championship series as starter David Price recorded his very first postseason win. The victory came one night after ~ a dramatic video game that conznjke.comsted of a controverznjke.comal pan interference call and a stunning 9th inning diving record from outfielder Andrew Benintendi.

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This season the Red Sox go back to the Fall clasznjke.comc for the very first time because 2013.

So how countless times have actually the Red Sox won the civilization Series?

Boston has eight World series titles. ~ winning their very first championship in 1903 and 2nd in 1912, star slugger Babe Ruth arrived in Boston in 1914. Ruth helped the Red Sox win three titles in 1915, 1916 and also 1918 before he to be traded to the rival brand-new York Yankees in 1919.

After an 86-year old Curse that the Bambino hung end the Red Sox, Boston lastly won another championship in 2004 by scan the St. Louis Cardinals. 

The Red Sox won their 2nd World collection in 4 years by sweeping the Colorado Rockies in 2007.

St. Louis and Boston met up again in the 2013 human being Series. The Red Sox won the Fall clasznjke.comc in 6 games, noting the an initial World collection title clinched at Fenway Park because 1918.



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