The 2007 Boston Red Sox team roster watched on this page has every player who appeared in a game throughout the 2007 season. It is a comprehensive team roster and also player names are sorted by the fielding place where the most number of games were played throughout the regular season. Every player"s name links to their career statistics.Below the main roster you will find in the rapid Facts section: a 2007 Boston Red Sox opening Day starters list, a 2007 Boston Red Sox value list, a 2007 Boston Red Sox uniform number failure and a 2007 Boston Red Sox primary starters list. This team rosters are presented just when and also where the data is available.

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2007 Boston Red Sox

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The 2007 Boston Red Sox played 162 games throughout the consistent season, won 96 games, lost 66 games, and finished in first position. Lock played their home gamings at Fenway Park (Park Factors: 0/0) wherein 2,970,755 fans observed their 2007 Red Sox finish the season with a .593 winning percentage.

Baseball Almanac is pleasure to present a unique collection of rosters no easilyfound on the Internet. Included, wherein data is available, is a 2007 Boston Red Sox opened Day starters list, a 2007 Boston Red Sox salarylist, a 2007 Boston Red Sox uniform number failure and a 2007 Boston Red Sox major starters list:
2007 Boston Red SoxOpening work Starters

Josh BeckettCoco CrispJ.D. DrewMike LowellJulio LugoDavid OrtizDustin PedroiaManny RamirezJason VaritekKevin Youkilis

2007 Boston Red SoxMost gamings by Position

Jason Varitek (125)
1BKevin Youkilis (135)
2BDustin Pedroia (137)
3BMike Lowell (154)
SSJulio Lugo (145)
LFManny Ramirez (120)
CFCoco Crisp (144)
RFJ.D. Drew (133)
SPJosh Beckett
SPDaisuke Matsuzaka
SPCurt Schilling
SPJulian Tavarez
SPTim Wakefield
RPManny Delcarmen
RPBrendan Donnelly
RPEric Gagne
RPJavier Lopez
RPHideki Okajima
RPJoel Pineiro
RPJ.C. Romero
RPKyle Snyder
RPMike Timlin
CLJonathan Papelbon

2007 Boston Red SoxSalaries

Manny Ramirez
J.D. Drew$14,400,000.00
David Ortiz$13,250,000.00
Curt Schilling$13,000,000.00
Jason Varitek$11,000,000.00
Mike Lowell$9,000,000.00
Julio Lugo$8,250,000.00
Josh Beckett$6,666,667.00
Daisuke Matsuzaka$6,333,333.00
Eric Hinske$5,625,000.00
Joel Pineiro$4,000,000.00
Tim Wakefield$4,000,000.00
Coco Crisp$3,833,333.00
Julian Tavarez$3,350,000.00
Mike Timlin$2,800,000.00
Alex Cora$2,000,000.00
Wily Mo Pena$1,875,000.00
J.C. Romero$1,600,000.00
Brendan Donnelly$1,400,000.00
Hideki Okajima$1,225,000.00
Doug Mirabelli$750,000.00
Kyle Snyder$535,000.00
Jonathan Papelbon$425,500.00
Kevin Youkilis$424,500.00
Javier Lopez$402,500.00
Clay Buchholz$384,000.00
Jon Lester$384,000.00
Jeff Bailey$380,000.00
Kevin Cash$380,000.00
Manny Delcarmen$380,000.00
Jacoby Ellsbury$380,000.00
Kason Gabbard$380,000.00
Devern Hansack$380,000.00
Brandon Moss$380,000.00
David Murphy$380,000.00
Dustin Pedroia$380,000.00

2007 Boston Red SoxUniform Numbers

J.D. Drew
#10Coco Crisp
#11Royce Clayton
#12Eric Hinske
#13Alex Cora
#15Dustin Pedroia
#17Manny Delcarmen
#18Daisuke Matsuzaka
#19Josh Beckett
#20Kevin Youkilis
#22Wily Mo Pena
#23Julio Lugo
#24Manny Ramirez
#25Mike Lowell
#28Doug Mirabelli
#31Jon Lester
#32Bobby Kielty
#32J.C. Romero
#33Jason Varitek
#34David Ortiz
#36Kevin Cash
#36Joel Pineiro
#37Hideki Okajima
#38Curt Schilling
#39Kyle Snyder
#41Bryan Corey
#43Devern Hansack
#44Brandon Moss
#44David Murphy
#46Jacoby Ellsbury
#46Devern Hansack
#48Javier Lopez
#49Tim Wakefield
#50Mike Timlin
#51Julian Tavarez
#53Brendan Donnelly
#55Jeff Bailey
#58Jonathan Papelbon
#61Clay Buchholz
#61Kason Gabbard
#83Eric Gagne

Did you know that a 2007 Boston Red Sox Schedule is easily accessible and it consists of dates of every game played, scores of every video game played, a cumulative record, and also many difficult to discover splits (Monthly Splits, Team vs Team Splits & Score associated Splits)?


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