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The Boston Globe"s editorial board published a scathing editorial this week calling chairman Donald trump card "unfit" to lead amid the coronavirus pandemic, arguing that he has "blood on his hands."

The editorial, called "A president Unfit because that a Pandemic," said that lot of the projected loss of life indigenous coronavirus to be preventable. They wrote that death and suffering will certainly be the result of failed leadership, not uncontrollable circumstances.

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"While the spread out of the novel coronavirus has been aggressive around the world, lot of the profound affect it will have actually here in the United states was preventable. As the American publicly braces itself because that the worst that this crisis, it"s worth remembering the the with of the virus below is no attributable come an plot of God or a international invasion, but a colossal failure of leadership," the editorial plank wrote.


President Donald trump card departs the everyday coronavirus task force briefing if walking previous Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the national Institute of Allergy and also Infectious Diseases, in the push briefing room at the White house on in march 31 in Washington, D.C.Win McNamee/ has actually reached the end to the White residence for comment yet representatives had actually not responded by the time of publication.

In the article, the board laid out just how Trump initially showed up to prioritize short-lived stock industry gains over the "country"s well-being." They described how the chairman downplayed the danger from coronavirus by consistently comparing it to the typical flu and insisting the government had it under control when it actually did not.

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"Timing is everything in pandemic response: It deserve to make the difference between a had local outbreak the endures a couple of weeks and an uncontrollable contagion the afflicts millions. The Trump management has made an important errors end the past two months," the board wrote.

Trump has faced far-reaching criticism from wellness experts and also lawmakers end his handling of the coronavirus outbreak. In enhancement to downplaying the severity the the virus, the government was sluggish to role out experimentation on a large scale. Together a result, officials to be unable to isolate infected individuals and also track the farming pandemic within the country as it spread out rapidly.

"It"s not too lot for americans to questioning of your leaders that they it is in competent and also informed as soon as responding come a crisis of historic proportions," The Globe"s editorial board noted. "Instead, they have a White residence marred through corruption and incompetence, whose blended messages roil the markets and also rock their feeling of security."

NBC News host Chuck Todd asked democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Sunday throughout an interview even if it is he believed Trump had "blood ~ above his hands" due to his handling of the crisis. The former vice president, however, said that he thought that characterization was "a little too harsh."

But democratic Speaker of the home Nancy Pelosi do a comparable argument throughout a Sunday interview through CNN. She said that plenty of of the president"s decisions had actually resulted in "deadly" consequences.

"His denial in ~ the start was deadly. His hold-up of getting devices to where–it proceeds his hold-up in getting devices to wherein it"s needed, is deadly," she said.

Hogan Gidley, the White residence deputy push secretary, criticize Pelosi"s remarks in a statement to top top Sunday. "America is coming together in the confront of this dilemm like never before, and it"s disgraceful that rather of praising the American spirit, speaker Pelosi seeks to stoke hatred and also fear for political gain," Gidley said.

As that Wednesday morning, the U.S. Had almost 190,000 confirmed situations of coronavirus. Much more than 4,000 world have died due come COVID-19, the an illness caused by the novel virus, while an ext than 7,100 have actually recovered. Top top Tuesday, the White home projected that the U.S. Should be all set to see some 240,000 deaths in the comes weeks.

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Meanwhile, south Korea, which experienced its an initial case the coronavirus at the same time together the U.S., has successfully curbed the spread out of the novel virus. As of Wednesday, the country only had actually 9,887 shown cases and just 165 deaths. South Korea accomplished this through huge scale testing, which enabled the federal government to monitor the spread and also quickly isolate those infected.