We’re all set to cue the music and the fireworks this summer. Celebrating American independence is a breeze with our perform of fourth of July songs. Plan holiday festivities through our patriotic 4th of July ideas, and also get inspired by our ideal grilling recipes and also Fourth that July appetizers! The summer sunlight is shining on barbecues and pool next from coast to coast. To sing sensations and also celebrated stars such together Whitney Houston and Dolly Parton will have you nostalgic for freedom Day picnics of the past. Our perform of fourth of July songs includes pop tracks and also classic tunes the celebrate independence and also American living. This playlist is all around dancing, having actually fun and letting flexibility ring! We"ve got you covered with patriotic tunes because that celebrating America — whether you’re poolside or safety summer days in ~ the beach.

If you’re to plan on celebrating the holiday through your friends and also family, you’re going come be placing on her dancing shoes this summer with our playlist the will have actually you proud to be an American. Invest the holiday with your nearest and also dearest and celebrate America"s tremendous history.

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1The Star Spangled Banner


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The many iconic rendition that The Star Spangled Banner needs to be played on the 4th of July. Houston"s take during the 1991 supervisor Bowlwill relocate you to tears.

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In 2003,Dolly Parton placed out an entire album specialized to America. Among the many moving monitor is color me America, a ballad that declares:"I to be red, white and blue."


Miley Cyrus to be still a teens in 2009 when she come out through this smash fight — with autobiographical lyrics about her move from Nashville come Los Angeles to make it as a popular music star. This all-ages-friendly song will do everyone desire to obtain up and dance.


Katy Perry’s 2016 hit is perfect because that the fourth of July, through its endlessly attractive verses and the inspirational chorus: “You simply gotta ignite the light, and also let it shine. Just own the night, favor the fourth of July, ‘cause baby you"re a firework, come on show "em what you’re precious … ”


Don McLean’s "70s track famously mourns “the work the music died,” a reference to the 1959 plane crash that killed Ritchie Valens, buddy Holly, and the large Bopper all at once; its lyrics also reference American music superstars Elvis Presley and also Bob Dylan. The enduring classic is overall steeped in nostalgia and also Americana.

From Neil Diamond’s movie The Jazz Singer, this powerful song celebrates immigration to America: “On the boats and on the planes, they’re coming to America. Never looking back again, they"re coming to America.” and it ends through a relocating spoken-word variation of “My Country, ’Tis that Thee.”

It’s been decades since Bruce Springsteen came out through this fight told native the view of a Vietnam war vet. Yet it will have actually listeners belting out the text joyfully, also if the does have actually pretty dark undertones when you listen close.

Nothing claims “dance party” prefer Kim Wilde’s 1981 classic “Kids in America.” The lyrics carry you come a time and also place as soon as responsibility is scarce, nothing’s the serious, and it’s all around being young and also having fun through the music cranked increase loud.

In this fun duet, brothers Estelle imagines Kanye West together her cool “American boy,” and she eagerly invites him to take she on a pilgrimage to present her all of this an excellent country’s renowned spots: “Take me to Chicago, san Francisco Bay. Take it me to new York, I"d love to check out L.A … ”

Rest in tranquility to one of the biggest of all time in American music: Tom Petty, that passed in 2017. Yet his 1976 standard “American Girl” will certainly forever power as one of the finest fast-paced tracks for your dance playlist.

This song initially goes back to 1970 and the Canadian rock band The guess: v Who. Yet it’s been covered widely — consisting of a rockin’ version by Lenny Kravitz in 1999, which ended up being the many memorable rendition.

You understand it’s a summer party song as soon as it starts v lyrics around mixing Slurpees v alcohol in a 7-11 parking lot. Bonnie McKee’s 2004 monitor is pure, danceable fun and fluff: “Oh I"m one American girl, hot blooded and I"m prepared to go!”

It just wouldn’t it is in an America-themed playlist without Lee Greenwood’s ‘80s classic.

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You have the ability to stop belting out Living in America as soon as this song starts playing. The icon takes us from brand-new York to Kansas City to Chicago and L.A.

This tune came out simply months before the strikes of September 11, 2001. The up-tempo track is one ode to America, whereby we are free to “dream as large as we desire to.”