an ext than 150 migrants from several nations bypass incomplete border wall, cross illegally into US

More 보다 150 migrants, consisting of Albanians and more than a dozen Romanians, illegally crossed the border right into America on Saturday morning.

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Texas councilor Ted Cruz recounts his boil exchange Tuesday through Homeland defense Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas ~ above "Hannity."


Mike Braun says Democrats trying to ideal money to tear down border wall, calls the "craziness"

Sen. Mike Braun, R-Ind., claimed Tuesday top top "Fox & Friends" that Democrats want to proper money to tear under the border wall installed under the trump card administration.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott"s Republican reelection project says ads targeting Beto O"Rourke room "just a tease" the what"s come come in the "hotly challenged race"

Border Patrol officials to speak a supervisory certified dealer from the agency’s Tucson sector has died in what is being described as a "line that duty" death.

FIRST on FOX: 5 Republican senators speak they will certainly withhold their support from any kind of omnibus safety package due to what they speak is a fail to adequately fund border defense -- pointing specifically to a lack of capital for the wall at the southerly border.

Former Trump torture Stephen Miller called Fox News that Kamala Harris" concern with foreign nations" borders is an instance of "globalism at its worst."

Missouri AG, seek to make Biden admin finish structure wall, states border crisis "completely avoidable"

Missouri Attorney basic Eric Schmitt believes the situation at the southern border is a "completely avoidable problem," as the state groups up with Texas to look for a preliminary injunction to make the Biden management resume building and construction of the wall.

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The critical defendant involved in a fatal crash that took the lives of ripe undocumented immigrants connected in a human being smuggling ring close to the Texas-Mexico border was recently arrested.

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